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Aug 1, 2010 06:30 AM

Birthday freebies?

Remember Mother Tuckers where you could have a free buffet on your birthday? What ever happened to those types of offers?

I know Tutti Frutti offers a free breakfast on your birthday (thank-you to them... I am heading out for breakfast now). Do any other places give freebies for the birthday person?

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  1. IIRC, Ben & Jerry's used to give you a free ice cream on your birthday - not sure if they still do, but you could always call and ask...

    1. Peel Pub used to give a free pitcher of recycled beer in the 80s.

      Happy Birthday, Andria!

      Peel Pub
      1196 Rue Peel, Montreal, QC H3B2T6, CA

      1. There is a website called, if I am not mistaken, You subscribe and they send you offers from different restaurants in the dates surrounding your birthday. I never took up on any of them because the restaurants did not interest me but you could check it out.

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          I just looked up that site, it's not ca

          thanks for the heads up !

          1. re: superbossmom

            if you have eaten at philinos they send a birthday discount deal every year

            pacini gives a discount equivalent to age on your birthday so when you reach 100 you get 100% off!

        2. I believe about 5 years ago Three Amigos gave you a sombrero type hat on your birthday lol

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            lol they still do- and a free piece of cake i believe

          2. The free breakfast at Tutti Frutti is still offered (at least at Atwater location) - you do have to have someone with you who orders a meal to get the free breakfast.