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Aug 1, 2010 05:47 AM

tarry tavern dinner

we recently had a very good dinner at the new tarry tavern, salads good, salmon very good, scallops excellent, risotto excellent place has a nice new design, service was good, bill with two beers was $81...we will definetly go back

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  1. Further description please...what was good about it? How was the food prepared? Thanks.

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    1. re: Marge

      food was very fresh, salmon with artichokes and tomato well done, with a light hand, scallops very sweet, served with a very creamy risotto also a light hand, and flavorful...

      1. re: intrepid

        Menu is now on their website, it does look good!

        1. re: Marge

          food is very light handed yet flavorful, yet in a casual, easy atmosphere..i will def go back, and I wish them well,

          1. re: intrepid

            They do have good food. We had the sweetbreads and marrow for appetizers and they were amazing. I would have preferred the marrow bone whole so you could suck the fatty goodness with a straw but I guess it was prettier cut in half. The sweetbreads were crunchy outside and melt in your mouth inside. The scallops with risotto and grilled octopus salad were great too...cooked but gooey soft. Owner Henry is ever present, working as a staff member. Great restaurant and staff. I hope they do well.

    2. We just had dinner there and liked it as well. Started out with the burrata. Fresh and tasty, served with a salad of mixed greens and heirloom tomatoes. Husband had the steak and I had the duck breast. We both liked our dishes. The duck breast was especially good, served in once piece rather than sliced, with a thin layer of crisped fat. The wine list was very reasonable, with many selections in the 20's and 30's. This is the best meal we have had in Tarrytown that I can remember. We will definitely be back.

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        1. any word on Tarry Tavern? heard they lost yet another chef, but don't know what's going on there now... it sounded like it had a great start but went downhill quickly.. anyone know whats going on there now?

          1. re: swept

            Well, I'm glad to report that things are just fine at Tarry Tavern. The interior and overall ambiance is probably the best of any restaurant in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown.

            The service is excellent, attentive, thoughtful, and friendly.

            The menu has a series of terrific choices, including both a "pub fare" side and a market selection of seasonal offerings that rivals any competitor in the area, if not in the City. Every bit as good as New York City stalwarts like the Gramercy Tavern or the Union Square Cafe, for example, and all more convenient (if you live in the area), with very reasonable "out-of-the-City" prices.

            My wife and I were there last night for the first time, and had the bone marrow and beet salad appetizers, the hand (and home) made fettuccine, the and duck breast (which was superb and cook to perfection). The dessert figs baked in a blanket were also world class, as were the little details (like the fabulously prepared vanilla ice cream served with the figs), that make the place. What about simple vanilla ice cream, you say? Well, there's vanilla ice cream like everyone serves, and then there's what the Tarry Tavern produces (sourced locally and fresh) -- simply the best tasting vanilla ice cream you've ever had, and also served at the proper temperature and consistency. Like I said, it's the details, and this was a little one, but they pervade the food, ambiance, and service. Which is what makes this a great restaurant.

            For example, the owner is there to greet you, makes you feel welcome, and makes sure you are satisfied during the course of your meal. The wait staff is friendly, and in sight and available. The restaurant had a respectable number of covers last evening for a deary, cold Thursday night, yet it never felt noisy, crowded, hectic or rushed. It was just a very good experience.

            As I posted above, the Tarry Tavern is the best restaurant in the area right now, and certainly one of the best in Westchester.

        2. Just wanted to report on a really great meal at Tarry Tavern last night. We started with the butternut squash and pear ravioli - very delicious, especially with some fried sage leaves on top. We then moved on to crab and white truffle mac and cheese (delicious) and braised short ribs (very tender but a little too fatty) with a really tremendous parmesan polenta. Bill for 2 with one drink was under $80.

          Will definitely return and for those who have not been, definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. (When Sweetgrass Grill first opened, I thought it was really great, but after a few lousy meals recently there, I think TT will be my go-to in Tarrytown now)

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            1. re: cubanat

              No, they didn't close, but last time I was there they were out of half of the menu and what was left to be ordered was borderline awful. Too bad - when they first opened the food was great.

              1. re: detroit1010

                I have only been twice and both times the food was great but it's been a year or so now. It reminded me of a college-esque t ype of indy place. Not so serious I guess. To bad.

              2. re: cubanat

                They closed for a week or so when the chef walked out.

              3. re: detroit1010

                Thanks for the review. I would like to go there for Restaurant Week, but as of Friday they still did not have their menu set.

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  just had lunch at sweetgrass today... not as good as last time and the pudding i got for dessert looked like scrambled egg whites! Should have went to Tarry Tavern!

                  1. re: nancycakes

                    Especially since it's restaurant week and you could have had a 3 course meal for $20!

              4. Website says that they are open every day for lunch, yet they have no lunch menu online. Any idea what the lunch menu is like? Any specials? And on the dinner menu, they have a "Tavern" menu and a "Market" menu. What's that about?

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                1. re: menton1

                  We just had lunch there last week. A selection of apps from their dinner menu, salads, sandwiches, and then a few entrees that were the same or similar to their dinner menu. We had burgers, and it seemed like most of the others around us were eating burgers, too. Burgers were excellent and cooked exactly as ordered. I wish the fries had been better-- not bad, but very institutional tasting. A burger like that deserves restaurant-cut fries. There weren't any specials, but it was restaurant week, so they were already working off two menus-- not sure if there are specials at other times.

                  The "tavern" and "market" distinction doesn't make much sense to me. I think the tavern menu is supposed to represent lower priced, more casual food. We usually mix and match from both menus and don't really see why they make the distinction. Though we have only been there once for lunch, we have eaten at Tarry Tavern a handful of times for dinner, and the food has ranged from good to excellent, but I have found that the same dish can vary greatly from visit to visit. Still, I have never been thrilled with the restaurant offerings in Tarrytown, and I think this place is by far the best.