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Aug 1, 2010 03:49 AM

Best Cheap Chinese Take Out in Morris County

My go to Chinese place (Hunan Wok, Florham Park) has fallen prey to apathy and avarice and is not quite as good/inexpensive as it use to be. Let's face it, Chinese takeout isn't the cheap meal that it use to be, regardless of where you go. There's no squeezing blood from stones here. Within the spectrum, though, there are places that are slightly more inexpensive than others.

I'm looking for places that excel at the classics- best egg roll, best dumpling, best egg drop soup, best chicken and broccoli, best fried rice.

A recently opened place would be great. New restaurants have a hunger that is almost always represented in higher quality less expensive food.

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  1. I'll be interested in this as well. My fav is China One in Denville, but there is a noticable decline in the amount of shrimp in by shrimp and broccoli. I guess that's the way the keep afloat without raising their prices. Its still delicious though. I tried other places, and always go back to here.

    1. I don't know if it's cheap enough, but I think Hunan Taste in Morris Plains has excellent 'basic' Chinese food as well as some great food all around!

      Cottage in Morristown (on South Street) used to be good for the basics too...but I haven't been there in a couple of years

      1. We ordered take-out from here on a whim and were pleasantly surprised! The food was very fresh and delicious. The prices are reasonable and they even threw in some free dim sum.
        We'll go back for sure.

        Wah Yan Kitchen
        601 Main St, Boonton, NJ 07005