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Aug 1, 2010 12:35 AM

Traveling from Santa Fe to San Francisco -- Route and Food suggestions?

We're looking to get from Santa Fe to San Francisco by car, and we've decided to plan our road trip entirely around food.

We'd love suggestions for hard-to-find hole-in-the-walls, michelin-rated restaurants, hometown favorites ... basically any mouth-watering meal that would lie somewhere on a route from Santa Fe to SF.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions! We can't wait to try your favorites.


Santa Fe Cafe
1510 F St, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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  1. Too ambitious a question for any one answer, but I would include Highway 126, Highway 101 and Highway 1 when coming up California for the best roadside food stops and dining destination cities on the way to SF. Then once you get your route down search this forum for the cities and towns along those routes and you will be able to merrily dine along the way.\

    I'll get you from started from (Hwy 5 out of Los Angeles) Santa Clarita to Salinas: (Hwys 126-101 -1- 101):

    SANTA PAULA: Hozy's; VENTURA Old Town: Capriccio, Mai's; CARPINTERIA: Giannfrancos; SANTA BARBARA (whowhee -do a search); SANTA YNEZ VALLEY (do a search); GUADALUPE: La Simpatia; PISMO BEACH: Mo's BBQ; SAN LUIS OBISPO: Madonna Inn Copper Cafe; PASO ROBLES( do a search); SALINAS: Bahama Grill.

    And there are plenty of good ones in between some for food, some for atmosphere: ORCUTT- Chef Ricks (food***); NIPOMO: Jocko's; CASMALIA: Hitching post; GUADALUPE: Far Western Tavern; SANTA MARIA: taco trucks and tri-tip BBQ's