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Aug 1, 2010 12:34 AM

Traveling from Santa Fe to San Francisco -- Route and Food suggestions?

We're looking to get from Santa Fe to San Francisco by car, and we've decided to plan our road trip entirely around food.

We'd love suggestions for hard-to-find hole-in-the-walls, michelin-rated restaurants, hometown favorites ... basically any mouth-watering meal that would lie somewhere on a route from Santa Fe to SF.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions! We can't wait to try your favorites.


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  1. If you are on I-40 at all in AZ I would suggest stopping the night in Winslow. You can 'stand on the corner', stay in a fabulous hotel, the La Posada, and dine in their Turquoise room. It's worth your time.

    1. Swing through Las Vegas and go to Lotus of Siam. Then go the longer route and go up 101 and go to Passionfish near Monterey. Or go the really long, scenic route and drive Highway 1, which will still eventually take you to Passionfish.
      Spend the night in Bakersfield and get a chicken fried steak breakfast at Cope's Knotty Pine
      Cafe, which has the best chicken fried steak I've had in 30 years.

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        thank you! this is exactly what we're hoping for. :)

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          Good luck. Passionfish has an excellent wine list with reasonable mark ups, by the way.
          If you are in Bakersfield for dinner, consider Woolgrower's. It's family-style Basque hotel food. There's another place in town some say is better, but I've never been there.
          I-5 is the best way to travel north-south through that area but food-wise it's got nothing.

      2. I agree with The Tourquoise room at La Posada in Windslow. It literally is an "oasis in the desert". Exquisite experience.

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          +1 vote for La Posada and the Turquoise Room. You can stay the night there, stop for a coffee at Later for the Train in Flagstaff, and maybe a pastry from the Village Baker. Then stop at In N Out for lunch when you hit Kingman, there's not much in the desert between Flagstaff and San Fran, I think you go through Bakersfield though, which apparently has Basque food for dinner, who knew!

          Turquoise Room
          303 E Second St, Winslow, AZ 86047