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Aug 1, 2010 12:30 AM

Does Your Family Consider You to be "Weird"?

My family loves food, hands down. However, my parents idea of comfort food is ketchup on pasta, well done steaks broiled in the oven with onion and garlic powder and plain, rotisserie chicken. To be fair, my dad is a bit more adventurous than my mom but usually only when he is with me. He has no problem trying new things, to which he will usually say it is "interesting". :}
Last friday morning I baked a challah. However, it's my own version as I personally am not a huge fan of traditional challah and my fiance doesn't care what I do with it as long as it looks like 2 loaves of bread in the end:} I added in some graham flour and fresh grounded cardamom. Today I toasted up some of the challah for my parents (fresh from the freezer). The face my mom made was priceless. The horror! Cardamom in the challah! To which she then said "This is WEIRD!!!" And then my dad added "this is interesting".
I have no problem that they didn't like it, as I did not make the challah for them and didn't even know they would be tasting it. However, I find it amusing that this is just one example of my family believing that the foods I love are weird or strange. Granted, cardamom in challah is not traditional at all. However, my mom has said the same thing about almost any ethnic take-out I've ever had except for chicken and broccoli. To her credit, she will try something new on occasion... she'll take teeny tiny bites, chewing thoughtfully until she makes a wretched face and says "pew! pew! pew!" I love her:}
Does this happen to you?

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  1. Nah. My mom will eat/try almost anything, and most definitely anything I've cooked. My sister is a more timid eater - there are things she considers gross and won't try. So I don't 'go crazy' when I cook for her or suggest a resto, knowing her limited tastes.

    1. No, my family of origin is pretty interested in all sorts of food. My dad has always been a bit of a jack sprat sort, picking cheese off of pizza, trimming fat off meat. But we all enjoy most ethnic foods.

      One of my kids is leary of "strange" foods but the other one enjoys cooking and trying new things.l

      1. Yeah, but not for Food reasons. My Parents were very adventurous, food - wise . We always had to try new things growing up as well as being in the food service business. On the other hand my mother does call some of what I make "concoctions".

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          I used to get the "concoction" label when I was younger, but back as a teen learning to cook on my own it may have been a well deserved label:}

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            Yeah, but not for Food reasons.

            Same here!! : > )

          2. My smile broadens as I read this thread. It reminded me that in 1997 I took my mom and dad to eat at a Japanese restaurant. They had a terrific sushi menu as well. Mom had a cooked steak dish and some vege tempura as an appetizer. She "tried" a couple of our sushi rolls, including your mom's small bite, chewed lots of times technique. Then she asked what she had eaten - basic tuna and seared eel with a sweet sauce. The look on her face was priceless. Guess she prefers her eel either as a purse or shoes. She hasn't returned to the Japanese or sushi restaurants since.

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              When my parents were on their honeymoon in Oahu, my parents went to their first (and only) Japanese restaurant. Apparently they did not ask the waiter any questions because they ordered and ended up with a plate of sashimi including raw octopus. I wasn't even born yet, but I can just imagine my mom's face as she stared at the tentacles, maybe poked them. (She likes poking her food). Back to club sandwiches through room service the rest of the trip:} I do not believe that they ate anything.... but to her credit, she now enjoys california rolls on occasion.

            2. Coincidentally, my mother asked me the other day how I got to be such an adventurous eater. "Hmm, Mom? Don't you remember cooking up that beef tongue on the farm? And those bedtime snacks with Grandpa of limburger cheese and crackers when I was 3 years old?" Sadly for her, she's in a facility now that caters to the bland diet that is accepted for our senior citizens. When I get to that point, I will take a suitcase full of condiments in order to survive.

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                mickie: I have a strategy of ending up in the same home with friends who have cool kids to smuggle in sriracha, wasabi, scotch, cigarettes and well, I don't want to tip anyone off ahead of time.

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                  Mmm, sriracha...wasabi. And we could be in charge of the garden where we would grow interesting weed(s). This might be a good moneymaker for retiring boomers.