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Aug 1, 2010 12:18 AM

Rice Crispy Treats without butter?

I am trying to think how important butter is in these treats. What would happen if you made it without butter? What would be a good substitute for it?

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  1. Without some kind of oil it would be too sticky and probably stick to your pot.
    Margarine, peanut butter or PAM.

    1. I am pretty sure the original "recipe" called for margarine: life was like that back then!

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      1. re: LJS

        As a matter of fact, we use the "original recipe," and it has a picture of Howdy Doody on it. It calls for "3/4 cup butter or margarine." Just can't get too far from that butter, I guess.

      2. I've used a combination of maple syrup and peanut butter in place of butter.

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        1. Even the recipe using Marshmallow Fluff calls for butter or margarine.
          You worried about calories or what?

          1. They wouldn't taste as good. Unimaginable in my house!