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Jul 31, 2010 11:03 PM

what makes for KOSHER Chinese Food

kosher chinese rests are to found in NYC. probably Israel. can one assume that they exclude pork and shellfish?? anything else??

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  1. Well, for starters, I think you would need a hecksher. Already.

    1. all ingredients would have to be certified kosher, a moshgiach would have to be on the premises. It all depends on levels of kosher and which board certifies the restaurant.

      1. There is nothing inherently non-Kosher in Chinese cuisine techniques themselves. The Kosher restrictions apply to the ingredients and the certification that Kosher ingredients and procedures are followed. That includes eliminating pork, shellfish, and other inherently non-Kosher ingredients and animal parts, and sourcing meats through Kosher purveyors. The no milk with meat prohibition is not too relevant in a cuisine that does not typically use milk products. Sabbath and holiday closures, certifications, monitoring and inspection all add costs, but that is not a factor in the taste of the food as such. However, specialty ingredients that do not have a Kosher source will not be available even though the ingredient is not inherently non-Kosher. For example, is there a hoisin sauce from a Kosher producer?

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          In regards to your specific example: Yes, a kosher hoisin sauce is available. But I'm sure there are some other specialty ingredients which are not.

          1. re: Shmendrik

            Forget about anything in Oyster Sauce................

            But you can make just about any Chinese American Dish using, vegetables, eggs, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Veal................
            Soy, Duck, Hoisin sauces