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Jul 31, 2010 09:56 PM

Too many figs?... Here's my suggestion

We've had this TWO nights in a row - which is something we never do, ever. And I'm not talking leftovers, I'm talking from-scratch both nights.

I recommend giving your pork chops a light dredging with flour before browning, and also adding a shake of premixed garam masala and a bit of balsamic to the sauce - but however you make it, MAKE IT and serve the sauce over rice! (I browned my chops, made the sauce, then dumped it over the chops in a baking dish - I'm cooking for six, more or less - and finished it for about 20 minutes in a 350 oven while I cooked rice.


Absolutely delicious. (I do have the chipotle powder called for in the recipe - my dad used some chipotle in adobo in the sauce instead and swears it was also awesome.)

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