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Jul 31, 2010 09:07 PM

Shake Shack is Amamzing

i recently went to Shake Shack with my camp. I got a "crunch-stellation" concrete. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also had part of my friend's milk shake, my other friend's fries, and most importantly, my friend's burger. These are the best burgers in all of NYC. Try them, you won't regret it. The wait in line is totally worth the amazing food!!!!!!!!!! LOVED it!!!!!!!

Shake Shack
366 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What other burgers have you had?

      1. I just tried the shake shack on 8th and 44th, I was all ready to experience the "greatest" burger, but was disappointed. The burger was just ok, overly salty, as were the dried out french fries. I love well done fries, but these were dry well done crispy fries, and again overly salted. I liked the way the burger was cooked, the texture, served, and the bun was ok, but overall, I can't understand the hype. To make it worse, folks were grabbing seats who didn't have their food yet, and wouldn't have it for at least a 20 min wait for their food, so those that had their food didn't have anywhere to sit. A very nice man gave up his seat for one of my young daughters, I said no need to do that, but he insisted, my other daughter had a seat, once the "nice" man's family was leaving I went to grab a chair for me, and this not so nice man went at the same moment to grab it for himself, he didn't have his food yet, and I said to him nicely would you mind if I sat so we could finish our lunch quickly together, since you do not have your food yet? He said, No I want this seat now. Then he saw I was with 2 young kids, and said, well since you are with your kids, you can have this seat. I could see this happening to others not just me, so all this anxiety just for a burger to me isn't worth the hassle.

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        1. re: michele cindy

          This whole Shake Shack phenomenon will be written up in psychology books someday. It's a perfect example of "mob psychology". I just don't get it.

          1. re: chaz

            Herd mentality is one of the things that makes us human, social beings that we are. I really, really liked Shake Shake's 'shroom burger, and by really, really liked, I mean I could've eaten three of them, because they are not only very good but also rather dainty. So I do "get it," in this particular case. And I thought the fries were terrific.

            1. re: chaz

              I've had many different burgers in many different cities and honestly SS cheeseburger is one of the best. Their fries leave a lot to be desired and the lines do suck, but the burger is fantastic. Certainly the best "fast food" type burger I've ever had and the best all-around burger besides ones made at my house. :)

              1. re: chaz

                what is the psychology - make burger, will come?

                for the price point, it beats the competition hands down. in my opinion, Shake Shack tastes better than McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Sonic, Stake n' Shake and every other fast food burger I've ever had. Does it rival a proper steakhouse burger? No, but it isn't trying to.

                Now, if you're reading this list and thinking "well, I would't eat any of those burgers", than maybe Shake Shack just isn't for you. that's fine, but there's no reason to reduce those of us that do like it to being sheople.

                1. re: coasts

                  Who said anything about all the people? I encountered a super very friendly staff, a nice patron and one super creep. I do believe the super creep could have been encountered anywhere, but waiting for some thing like your food, and getting something first, like the table can bring out the worst in folks who are jerks to begin with. The burger wasn't bad, it was just too salty for me, maybe mine was a fluke, would only give it another try if there wasn't a huge wait.

                  1. re: michele cindy

                    michele, if your comment was directed at me, note that i was replying to Chaz, not you. his statement on "mob psychology" seems to imply that the only reason to like Shake Shack is because other people say it's good.

                    1. re: coasts

                      I like the Shake Shack burgers, and gladly eat them, but where the mob mentality makes itself known is the willingness to stand in line for so long waiting for.....a burger. *That* is what's nuts.

                      1. re: gutsofsteel

                        Maybe there is a psychological rationalization at work. It get's better the longer you wait.

              2. I was there today - there must have been 100 people at least in line...and the line wasn't moving very quickly at all. I noticed the "B" line with no one in it, so I got a chocolate cone on the spot. Wonderful soft serve ice cream --I loved it. I still haven't had the burgers and shakes, but SS is coming to DC next year where I live, so I can wait till then. The line I saw today was truly obscene.

                1. Just returned from the UES Shake Shack, and it was great! There was no line tonight at 9:00 to order food. There was seating outside, and it was lovely weather. The 'shroom burger was excellent, as was the caramel shake. One professional critic had recently criticized all of the different Shake Shack locations' preparation of the caramel shake. Apparently (no surprise) that the Danny Meyer organization read the unfavorable review, and my caramel shake was mixed all the way through and had a nice caramel flavor (not too sweet).