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Jul 31, 2010 08:33 PM

10 Best things to eat in Chicago

I stole this from another board where it was stolen from another.

Not 10 best places-just the 10 best individual things to eat.

1. cheeseburger at moody's
2. special stuffed pizza at giordanos
3. hotdog and gene and judes
4. italian beef at portillos
5. bone in veal chop at Chop House
6. sausage onion, bell pepper and mushroom buttercrust deepdish at lou malnatis
7. duck fat fries at Hot dougs
8. seared scallop salad at hugo's frog bar
9. ?
10. ??

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  1. 9. a poochies char cheddar burger with grilled onions and hand cut fries with a coke
    10. cole slaw at carsons

    1. I would have to second "Seminole Phil"--cole slaw at Carsons Ribs for #10.

      Although it's not quite Chicago, the fries at Edzo (in Evanston) are apparently outstanding.. the NY Times even thought so.

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        What about off the menu recs? Looking forward to seeing some hounder ideas in some top ten lists.