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Jul 31, 2010 06:29 PM

Huntsville's 20 Most Distinctive Dishes.

I had the chicken with white sauce at Big Bobs. I've had their coconut cream pie which I imagine is the same as at Gibson's on Memorial. Their BBQ is not good though.

I've also had the fajitas at Rosie's.


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  1. My parents live near Huntsville, so we eat up there a good bit.

    The Chicken Berlin @ Cafe Berlin is great, but I still go for the Jaeger Schnitzel when I eat there. On occasion they serve Osso Bucco, which is excellent there.

    The Fried Chicken @ G's is great, but, honestly, the pork chops are where it's at as far as G's goes.

    Rosie's is good, too - my favorite item isn't even an entree, but the Kahlua flan from their dessert menu.

    Big Bob's does have good white sauce (to me better than Miss Myra's here in Bham), but it's an acquired thing for many. The coconut cream pie is OK, but I really prefer the coconut cream pie at the Bright Star in Bessemer.

    Bright Star Restaurant
    304 19th St N, Bessemer, AL 35020

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    1. re: johnnystiletto

      Had a hamburger with cheese at Big Spring Cafe yesterday with my friend Wade Wharton (the gentleman that the city took to court a couple of years ago over his art environment). The hamburger was really tasty, and it even made me enjoy the cheapy American cheese slice! It was a great experience sitting at the counter with everyone. Nice.

      As far as the other things on the list, I agree with the hushpuppies at Greenbrier and of course the white sauce at Big Bob Gibson's (where I had supper from last night). I'm guessing like Davwud that the coconut pie is the same recipe between the two Gibson restaurants even though they are not affiliated, and if so that is a great slice (I've had it at BBG in Decatur). I think Mullins is more about the establishment than anything else.

      For German food, I'm surprised they didn't go with Ol Heidelberg.

      @johnnystiletto: agree about the coconut cream pie at the Bright Star! The best!

      What is FredBread all about - anyone ever had it?

      Bright Star Restaurant
      304 19th St N, Bessemer, AL 35020

      Ol Heidelberg Cafe
      6125 University Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35806

      Big Spring Cafe
      2906 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

      1. re: deepfriedkudzu recently posted the recipe for Bright Star's coconut cream pie, and it's AMAZINGLY easy. I might have to make it this weekend!!

        Bright Star Restaurant
        304 19th St N, Bessemer, AL 35020

        1. re: deepfriedkudzu

          The Gibson places are not officially affiliated but it's the same family. It's Bob's grand daughter handling things there.


          1. re: Davwud

            Yes, I know the family connection.

            BTW (@ Davwud) you mentioned the AL Crawfish Company previously in another thread. I heard they've closed. Is that right?

            1. re: deepfriedkudzu

              I called and their number is out of service. I'd say so. Too bad. The food was fantastic.


              1. re: deepfriedkudzu

                Just to follow up. ACC did in fact close. It somewhat seems to have co-incided with the oil spill in the gulf. Not sure if there was a connection there.

                The new place, 72 Pit Stop Cafe seems to have a good rep. BBQ tamales are something I'm interested in trying.


          2. re: johnnystiletto

            My husband and I are really fond of eating local and there are some really good options here in Huntsville.

            The Gypsy Schnitzel at the Cafe Berlin is spectacular; pork schnitzel, red & green pepper, onions and mushrooms in an insanely good cream sauce!

            The Poor Boy Factory, as the name applies, offers great poor boys on Gambino bread; don't miss their homemade Hot Damn sauce!

            Fred Bread is a real thing- available semi-spasmodically at the Lowe Mill Art Center - the cranberry and the garlic flavors are great!

            Brunswick Stew is a very different dish to every cook, but David Gibson's #2 at the corner of Bob Wallace Ave. and Jordan Lane has my personal favorite. The broth is not gooped up with thick tomato sauce or any sweetness and is great with the hush puppies. The peanut butter pie is a real slice of the South!

            Poor Boy's Cafe
            210 N Lockard St, Blytheville, AR 72315

            Gambino's Restaurant
            18 Laurel Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

          3. I've had the hushpuppies at Greenbrier and they're fantastic. They're even better with a little bit of the white sauce on them.

            The chicken w/white sauce at Big Bob's is delicious and I think I've come pretty close to replicating the sauce at home. Mmmm.

            Olde Towne beer is pretty tasty but I have other favorites so I wouldn't miss it that much if I moved.

            Anything at Bandito Burrito Co. will tickle your tastebuds but the fish tacos are a huge favorite of mine. I also love the green bean burrito. Mmmm.

            Beauregard's does make some excellent hot wings, so I'll agree with that.

            I've had Big Ed's pizza but not the Big 8 and not in years.

            Terry's Pizza used to be the best pizza on the planet. When they first started offering them at Star Market, they were almost as good as the original. The last few times I tried them, they just weren't as good. The sauce was too sweet and the baking process was different. Also, the toppings weren't the same quality and they were skimpier. I'll stick with homemade or Mellow Mushroom at Providence.

            It's not on the list but I would really miss the tapas menu at Vinotini in Madison, especially the foie gras and the Korean BBQ. Speaking of Korean anything reminds me that I haven't been to Korea House on Jordan Lane in ages.

            Bandito Burrito Co
            3017 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

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            1. re: Ima Wurdibitsch

              Your assessment of the hushpuppies is spot on. The white sauce makes it.

              Had the Super 8 and it was too weighed down with toppings. Had a simpler pie and it was excellent.

              Terry's Pizza is well above average for grocery store take and bake.


            2. I like breakfast at the Blue Plate Cafe, but I really think the pancakes at Gibson's BBQ just south of Drake on the Parkway are better.

              Always get the Hot Damn Sauce at the Po Boy Factory.

              When I've gotten fajitas at Rosie's I just order the shrimp. And actually I prefer the Shrimp Quesadilla to the fajitas.

              At Cafe Berlin I like the Chicken Schnitzel with German Fried Potatoes or the Schweinebraten with Spatzle and red cabbage.

              I miss Terry's Pizza. The ones at Star Market just don't taste the same.

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              1. re: decolady

                My BIL concurs but found it close enough to bring back memories. They ate it a lot when he was a kid.

                Honestly, for a take and bake pie, it's quite serviceable.


              2. On our last trip I made a point of doing some of the reco's and here's my take.

                I love Po' Boy Factory but alas, the Hot Damn sauce wasn't damn hot. Marie (the owner) assures me it get's better as it ages and we got a fresh batch. I'll take her word for it. It was very tasty though.

                Hamburger with cheese at Big Spring Cafe was really tasty. They cook them on a flat top and then hold them in au jus until serving. I also loved the chili burger and the slaw dog.

                The fried chicken at G's was very good but not the best I've had. The catfish and mac and cheese were though. Great place over all.


                Big Spring Cafe
                2906 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35805