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Jul 31, 2010 05:56 PM

between lawrenceville and union city.

Looking for a ..gourmet (inventive) delicious, outstanding restaurant (dont care what it looks like) but midprice price range...was thinking about the woodfire Grill but thinking its too expensive for my friends and not too inventive thanks

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  1. Um, so you realize that that includes basically all of metro Atlanta NE to SW, right? Between Buford Hwy, Buckhead, Midtown, Downtown, Decatur, and College Park, you could easily name a couple dozen restaurants worth visiting. You could throw in Serenbe and push the limit, too.

    Here's a very-recent thread with a good list of stuff along the Connector (75-85) intown:

    You could add the Decatur list to that (Watershed, Leon's, Brick Store, Cakes & Ale), Inman Park (Shaun's, etc), and lots and lots of Asian options.

    Cakes & Ale Restaurant
    254 W Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

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      no I meant about half way between them...south of Buckhead arond the area of Woddfire..

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        Still a large number of restaurants - you're talking about all of downtown Atlanta area unless you specifically want to stay around Cheshire Bridge for some reason but if you're continuing on to Union City there's no reason for sticking with one specific area. A more specific price range? How big of a group are you?