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Jul 31, 2010 03:38 PM

"One Love" Jamaican in Hendersonville, NC has Closed

Called and phone was disconnected. Drove by today and sign on building indicates a BBQ restaurant will be opening soon. Just as I discover a quality, interesting, inexpensive restaurant with terrific service, it's gone.

Does any body have any details?

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  1. I have no INSIDE info., but a bad location coupled with an unadventurous community certainly didn't help. Still, this is a MAJOR loss to the Hendersonville dining scene. (Lord, I will miss those collards and cornbread...)

    1. I seem to remember that the owners cooked at street fairs prior to opening the restaurant. Perhaps they will resume and still be available in a limited fashion.

      Does anyone remember this? ISTR it was about 7 years ago or so.

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      1. re: meatn3

        There was a lengthy article about One Love closing at the bottom of page C1 of Friday's Hendersonville paper. 'Fire Chief BBQ & Grill' is planning to open there by Labor Day. The owners are Dennis & Lisa Pressley. Dennis is chief of the Skyland Fire Dept. hence the BBQ name. Apparently they have experience having run a catering business called 'Pressley's BBQ and Catering.' Lisa's mother is owner of the building where One Love was located so I guess they booted them out, though the article also says that One Love was struggling.

        One Love also had a branch at 42 S. Market St. (828-251-8272) in Asheville so, Jeff C, you might not have to contemplate suicide due to collards withdrawal as long as you can make the trip north.

        1. re: ThaiNut

          Interesting...I seem to remember One Love doing the street fairs prior to opening a brick & mortar location. I'm not familiar with the Pressley's, but wish them well!

          1. re: ThaiNut

            Unfortunately, One Love in Asheville is also closed. But now that you mention it, I remember Patrick, the owner of One Love, telling me that his landlord kept raising his rent even though she knew he was having a hard time (and this was after he spent mucho dinero to bring the building up to code). In retrospect, it seems as if this might have been the "game plan" all along. Sad...

            Maybe One Love could cash in on the whole "street food" craze and be revived as a mobile kitchen/ lunch cart?

            1. re: Jeff C.

              ARGH! How could this happen? THey seemed to be so universally loved!

              Do you know what happened to the one in A'ville? I see it repopened under some other name, but still Jamaican? Maybe they at least made some $$ when they sold that one?

              1. re: danna

                I'm not sure who has it now, Danna. I know Patrick's brother was running it when it was One Love.

                1. re: danna

                  no idea what happened to one love, but simma down cafe is in it's place. i ate there a couple of weeks ago. based on that visit, i'd give it a conditional nod. goat curry & jerked pork were both very good. sweet potato crab cakes were good. i didn't care for either the chicken or veg patty, but others seemed to like them. service was erratic, although very pleasant, and food came out in a disjointed flow so that only 2 of us (out of 4) had entrees at the same time. a couple more visits will be needed.

                  i know one love did goombay at least once. had the goat curry at that one; it was excellent as usual. this was probably 3-4 years ago.

                1. re: jandn73

                  Total bummer. Kinda makes me want to boycott the forthcoming BBQ place and besides we have enough BBQ joints in the area anyway.

                  1. re: ThaiNut

                    I agree, not to mention that they're going to have a hard time topping 12 Bones and Hubba Hubba Smokehouse!