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Jul 31, 2010 03:19 PM

Dog friendly in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Summerland??

Bringing George the Beagle to the area for a late August Weekend. Can anybody recommend dog-friendly restaurants in SB, Carpinteria and Summerland? Lunches and dinners..any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. We strugged with this issue a while back and did not come up with any really secure answers. See if a search of this forum stil has link. There are outdoor cafes and some tolerate quiet pooches at your feet more than others, but officially I do believe they are all banned. Don't know of any indoor place that allows them like one sees in Europe.

    Call the Santa Barbara Humane Society and see if they have any leads (ahem). They are a pretty savvy, pet friendly crowd with excellent facilities.

    People do love their animals in this town so it is not from lack of wanting to have them with them, just that there are health regulations etc. There are also dog friendly beaches and parks but again, kind of under the radar: Wilcox Preserve I think has open hours where dogs are allowed off leash.

    And it has been traditional to let dogs off leash at the northern end of Hendry's Beach at Arroyo Burro where the well-sited but mediocre food BoatHouse has outdoor tables that might work too.

    If you google "dog friendly santa barbara" you can get a list of places and restaurants and we can explore anything that looks interesting to you from that list.

    Checking the list myself I see that it is old and many are no longer open, but Emilio's at the beach on Cabrillo Blvd is a good choice, regardless of their dog policy though they do require you to sit at an outdoor table on a busy street and it can get a little cool in the evenings at the beach when the marine layer moves in. But they have very enjoyable dining there - N. Italian.

    1. We ate at Elements
      and while they have a no pet policy, we were able to tie our Yorkie to the other side of the patio fence, along with other fellow diners with no problem. The hostess said people do that all the time.
      Marmalade Cafe (okay but not great) will say, "We are supposed to say 'no' but we will let you ."

      1. Brewhouse on Montecito Street is the dog-friendliest place in town on their patio. Great beer, good food, very casual.
        Pierre LaFond on lower State allows your friend to be with you on the patio (I have seen dogs in chairs there).
        Pacsucci on State allows your pooch to be on the sidewalk outside your table.
        Palapa on upper State has patio in front that is dog friendly (unfortunatey, it is also their smoking area but not too many people here smoke anymore).
        In Carp, I think your dog would be welcome at Padaro Beach Grill. I have seen many a dog outside Rudy's in Carp.
        Dargan's Pub in SB allows dogs on their outdoor patio - good food and good beer.
        Mesa Cafe allows dogs on their patio, last time we were there anyway.
        You can always go to Hendry's beach, let your friend run loose on the beach and then picnic there.
        Nordstrom is dog-friendly, fyi, if you want to shop, as is the Territory Ahead. Other pup-friendly stores are Juicy Couture, Coach, Wendy Foster.
        have a great trip!

        Palapa Restaurant
        4123 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

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            Reading this again, I forgot to mention Holdren's on lower State. We were able to have our dog on their patio. Also the Minnow Cafe at the harbor allows dogs at their outside-only tables.
            Shoreline Park is a lovely place to walk your dog, lot of dogs and their people any hour of the day. It is another great picnic spot (grab some goodies at Lazy Acres).

            512 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

        1. Quick follow up. We had a blast in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Summerland area with the pup, and here's where we took him without a problem
          Carpineria: Esau's Cafe - ate at sidewalk table. Lots of other dogs. Great lunch.
          The Spot - You can sit with dog on picnic tables out back. Again, great burgers and
          onion rings
          Montecito: Piatti for dinner. We sat outside on the patio. Great pastas and starters for all, plus
          super friendly service.
          Carp/Summerland: Padaro Beach Grill for dinner - again, sat on patio table. They brought water bowl for George.
          Santa Barbara: La Super Rica - sadly we couldn't eat at the tables, but we got our tacos/chile relleno, and super rica specials to go and then ate them on the little counter space outside.
          All in all the area is very dog-friendly, we found.
          Oh, also the beach at Santa Claus Lane had dogs everywhere running around

          La Super Rica
          622 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

          516 San Ysidro Road, Montecito, CA 93108

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          1. re: JPomer

            Thanks for your very helpful report. This question comes up a lot. Not familiar with The Spot -- please tell us more.

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              On Linden Ave. in Carpinteria. Burgers and hot dogs for lunch, and also tacos and burritos, I think, but also breakfast too. Every time we passed by there was a line out front, always a good sign in my book. We all had cheeseburgers. Everybody was happy. You have to bring the dog to the picnic tables behind it, but not a can watch the trains go by

              1. re: glbtrtr

                The Spot is delicious- the milkshakes are AWESOME. Hole in the wall, been around for many years- great articles posted in their window of their history. Great cheeseburgers!! I am grateful to our friends who have a second home about 3 blocks away from Linden! A must when in Carp!

                1. re: OldJalamaMama

                  What exactly goes into a milkshake? What brand of ice cream do they start out with - is that the key or is there some secret process, additions, technique, ratio of ice-cream to other ingredients?

                  There are so many versions now of a milkshake to those weird stand alone crystalline things at McDonalds to nostalgic soda fountain memories of malted at the drug store from decades ago, I have forgotten what the real deal is.

                  1. re: glbtrtr

                    ice cream- milk- malted powder and syrup/flavoring. The peanut butter, the PINEAPPLE, and the chocolate are all i can vouch for.

                    The pineapple piqued my intrest and I am so glad I ordered it!

                    1. re: OldJalamaMama

                      I used to love that old Kayser's almond, cocoa, coffee shake --the Mocha Rocca-- they used to have along with their legendary Hercules Flip in their brand of health food stores around Santa Barbara. Yes, there is something about putting malt in a shake that makes it rich, warm and luscious.

                      1. re: glbtrtr

                        I was partial to the carob/peanut butter there.

            2. For others who end up here seeking dog-friendly in SB, East Beach Grill and the outdoor bar terrace at Fess Parker's Doubletree are both dog-friendly, and I hear the Breakwater at the harbor is, as well.

              In the upper State Street area, Cafe Stella is very welcoming to dogs on their outdoor patio. You can have dogs outside at Fresco at Fve Points, too.

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                I am now seeing almost everything with outdoor tables is now dog-friendly, including signs on motels in this area advertising as such. This is a big change in the past few years.