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Jul 31, 2010 02:21 PM

Savory Cafe in Nederland CO--Burger report

While taking 'the scenic route' to Estes Park and Rocky Mtn. Nat'l park from Golden, we happend to find ourselves in Nederland about 1/2 past lunch so we stopped in a shopping center just south of the main part of town on highway 119. Having looked over the deli offerings at the local supermarket, we sighed and left the store while wondering out loud if their were any spots within the center for lunch. A local fellow overheard us and enthusiastically endorsed The Savory Cafe on the uphill (backside) side of the center.

We walked up the stairs and around to the entrance which is actually at Big Springs Dr and Highway 119 (the Lakeview address is for the whole center). Passing their rear windows we looked in on their spotless prep area. Thumbs up.

Savory is smallish, cozy and comfortable. They manage to pack a small bar and about 10 tables into the sunny space, with a few tables on the covered walk out front. We sat there so as to include Doggy in our party. Brother is not much of a lunch eater, so he just ordered fries and a fresh lemonade. I very typically dithered over the starters and lunch items, but finally settled on a burger. As it was past the lunch rush, our orders appeared quickly and they were very good!

My burger, listed at $7.00 was a 1/2 lb. (medium-rare to order) patty of Colorado's Best grass-fed beef*, served on a fresh challah bun with wonderful bacon and cheddar, ripe tomato slice and good crunchy dill chips and thin red onion slices. Delicious and juicy with a very rich, beefy flavor. The burger came with a generous side salad of fresh greens and a side of delicious fries. Ketchup was house-made and very good.

I sure wish we' d had time to return with SIL for dinner--the choices looked marvelous. I was surprised to find something like Savory in such a small unpretentious town, but then realized how close it is to Boulder and the Denver area. Chef Josh Taillon has a good thing going here. Locals know, and travelers deserve to!

Savory Cafe
20 Lakeview Dr (Highway 119 and Big Springs Dr)
Nederland CO 80466

open all day M-F 7:30 to 9:00, S&S 8:30 to 9:00


* Colorado's Best Beef:

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  1. I've been there 2X in the last few weeks. Like it, but don't love it-- tho' a friend did confirm that the burgers are super. Cornmeal-dusted onion rings are excellent -- crisp and hot. Salads are pretty good.

    Hope you took advantage of the location to ride on the Carousel of Happiness while you were there. It's endearing, enchanting and one idealist's 25-year labor of love + great community involvement and generosity. It's on the parking lot side of the Savory Cafe, between the shopping center and to the railroad car cafe.

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      Saw it but didn't stop--though would have loved it I'm sure. Spent many ride on the lovely Santa Cruz Boardwalk carousel as a child--complete with Brass Ring throw. Clanged many a bell as I got older!

      I thought the salad excellent. As good as we get right here smack in the middle of the Central Coast Salad Bowl. (Picked this morning and on the table at dinner) The burger right up there with the best I've had. Impressed they used a challah bun to hold up to the juices.

      Have you had any of the dinner or breakfast entrees?

      1. re: toodie jane

        FoodieJane - I've been there for an after-hike happy hour (that's when our friend had a burger) and for lunch w/ 3 women friends en route to a Central City matinee. The main reason that I give the salads mixed reviews is that now, with area farms (not at Nederland's elevation but down the hill) producing great tomatoes, the tomatoes in the caprese salad taste as if they came from the little market in their same shopping center. Not a lot of flavor.

          1. re: ClaireWalter

            wow, that's unfortunate. I'd like to think it was a glitch in supply, but if that's a normal thing, it would undermine confidence in the entire menu, no matter how well it read.