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locally made mozzarella

anyone know of a place south of LA that makes their own fresh mozzarrella?

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  1. To the east, and I suppose slightly south, you've got Gioia Cheese Co. 1605 Potrero Ave. South El Monte - great fresh mozzarrella and burrata, open only weekdays.

    Gioia Cheese Co
    1605 Potrero Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

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        Allow me to 3rd this suggestion. Really good stuff

      2. re: estone888

        I love this place! I dream about their burrata.

      3. Eatalian Cafe
        15500 S. Broadway St.
        Gardena, CA 90248

        Eatalian Cafe
        15500 S. Broadway St., Gardena, CA 90248

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        1. Angelo & Franco make fresh mozzarella and Ciliegine, Ciliegine with Cream, Burricotta, Burrata and Ricotta. They also sell to many local restaurants and markets including Bay Cities in Santa Monica. You can buy directly from them at their factory in Hawthorne.
          The Factory
          3441 Jack Northrop Ave.
          Building 14 Hawthorne
          (next to Hawthorne Airport)
          Tel.: +1-310-263-0506

          1. This is a link to a new article about locally made mozzarella from the LA Weekly.

            1. DiStefano makes one of the best Burrata Cheese locally. I have not tried any of the other cheese companies that have been suggested, but read their stories on their websites. I am looking forward to trying them. You will be Very Happy with DiStefano Burrata!!! If any of the other hounds have compared DiStefano to Gioia or Angelo & Franco, I would be interested in hearing the comparison.

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                I've had the A&F and the Gioia and they are both about the same. I wish I could love them, but I find both fairly bland despite their obvious freshness.

                Bubalus Bubalis blew both out of the water, in my opinion, especially if you purchased from their stall at the Santa Monica FM. They were the only local makers I could find that made a true mozzarella or burrata because they were the only ones that used water buffalo milk. Sadly, I was informed several months ago that they are no longer in business.

                I haven't tried DiStefano yet. Based on your post, I'm looking forward to sampling some soon. Any suggestions on where to find some?

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                  In O.C. Cortina's Italian Market in Anaheim carries their Burrata. I do not know if they have any info on their site, but I am sure that there should be several places in L.A that carry it. http://www.distefanocheese.com/ Check out the website for the whole story on Mimmo Bruno. I think you can find it at Bay cities deli. Definitely try it!!!!

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                    I haven't been to Cortina's in years. Glad to hear it's still around and now I've got as good a reason as any to head back there.

                    Incidentally, Anthony Mangieri of the much heralded Una Pizza Napoletana would use California-made Bubalus Bubalis when his source from Campania didn't come through (suck it, NYC). It was not in the same league as the imported stuff, but it was usually the better bet since getting the imported stuff fresh was as much luck as persistence. Can you tell I was crestfallen when I heard BB shut their dairy? As far as I know, only one other dairy IN THE COUNTRY even makes a proper mozzarella di bufala any more. Does anyone else find that insane?

              2. I have yet to find an excellent fresh mozzarella (need we say fresh?) in southern California, except for when I happen to catch it at the right time from the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills. Everyone else's has disappointed, including at the farmers market in SM and of course at the supermarkets like Whole Foods or even Bay Cities. The burrata in town is fine but I miss the stuff my man in Brooklyn would hand me seconds after he made it.

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                  Is mozzarella best super fresh or can it "age"?

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                    Eek! You shouldn't try and "age" your FRESH mozzarella.. That stuff has got to be fresh and eaten within a couple days.

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                    Have you tried Guidi Marcello for cheese?

                    Guidi Marcello
                    1649 10th St, Santa Monica, CA

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                      Yes, great parmesan but haven't had their mozzarella. Should I go?

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                        If it's close to you it's going to be worth it, even if you don't end up liking their mozzarella for some reason as they have a lot of great items to choose from - especially if you are at all into salumi.

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                          I like that store quite a bit and got the best parmesan there.

                          Is the mozzarella worth the trip though? Do you know what days they have it freshest?

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                            I think it varies, depending on what they get. Maybe a call to them for immediate and most recent information on fresh mozz?

                  3. Went to Gioia and tried their Mozz. You have to buy it in a 5 pound tub, which is about 6 large pieces of cheese. Sadly, it was cold. Fresh,but cold. If anyone has had really fresh Mozz, still warm from the making, it is a transcendental experience.
                    I'll try to call the other places and see if warm cheese is available. If not, I'm contemplating buying the curd online and making my own. I've done it a few times, it isn't too hard.

                    1. I recently had the pleasure of eating quite a bit(actually too much if thats possible) of fresh mozzarella at a pre opening party at the new Obika mozz bar in Century City. There are branches of this Italian restaurant in NY, LOndon,Tokyo,i think, and a small number of other locations. It is a sleek, modern looking space upstairs next to the Bloomingdale's in the Westfield Mall. Obika's real attraction is the freshness of their imported mozz. If its coming from Italy there is bound to be a several day delay before this "fresh" cheese goes from producer to LA retailer. Obika gets 3 shipments of fresh imported mozz every week, thus truly serving fresh cheese products here in LA. I shared a 2 person serving of 3 types: an extremely creamy burrata, a classica(reg mozz) and a sfumicattta or smoked mozz eaten in that order so the milder cheeses arent overwhelmed by their smoky cousin. also had a fried mozz appetizer with a delightfully spicy tomato sauce. The cheese came on a bed od spinach and, in addition to a spinach salad we had proved to be too much of Popeye's fave food. I wouldnt repeat that order next time. On the other hand, the cured meat plate was delish, a Prosciutto, a Parma ham and a salami from a region known for its meats.(sorry, forgot where) I would prefer a more rustic bread but nevertheless, an extremely yummy bunch of mini sandwiches is how i ate these imported morsels of culinary goodness...Check it out! which is roughly the translation of Obika. Another branch will open in the Beverly Center down the road.

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                        obika is taking part in the dinela restarant weeks.
                        should be a good way to try the place.

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                          A review of Obika in today's LA Times here: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/... and I put in the place link today with the website included. Anyone been since lapizzamaven's early review?

                          10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067