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Jul 31, 2010 12:10 PM

French Fries: France vs. America vs. Belgium vs. United Kingdom

People in all four of those countries love French fries, but prefer them with different condiments. Just as a refresher, the French love their frites avec moutard; Americans tend to prefer ketchup; the Belgians favor mayo, and the Brits go for vinegar, usually the malted variety.

My take is that I love the traditional American condiment ketchup, but equally adore vinegar on my fries. Recently, I was goaded into trying mayo on my fries, and I must say, the Belgians are on to something. Have not yet tried mustard on fries, but will doubtless give it a go eventually.

Do you lot prefer one of the above, or do you tend to mix it up?

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  1. Many places in Belgium offer a few to many different dips. Some are based on Mayo and others not. One my favorites was curry sauce or curry ketchup.

    1. Mostly mayo, sometimes Dijon mustard or tartar sauce or ranch dressing. Almost never ketchup. Never vinegar - that's for the fish not the chips in my book.

      1. As a kid it was ketchup. At some point when i was younger I decided I liked them plain. Then I started eating them with ketchup again. Now it just depends whats there and what I feel like eating them with. It's either plain ketchup, sriracha with ketchup, or vinegar (preferably malt or apple cider). Sometimes i load them with a ton condiments. I'm definitely a condiment freak.

        1. Mostly plain but mayo if anything. Sriracha mayo or curry mayo are particularly good.

          Dislike mine with vinegar or ketchup and I've never tried mustard.

          1. Well, being British, it'll be no surprise that I like malt vinegar (and bear in mind that our chips are not fries - they're altogether much thicker). But I do like American style fries with a burger and ketchup (although I prefer my ketchup on a breakfast bacon sandwich).

            I think what I'm saying is that there's a time and place for every food. So, I never have mayo except when I'm in Belgium. But, sit me down at a restaurant in the Grote Markt in Ieper. Put a large bowl of musselen in front of me. And a large bowl of frietjes. And mayo. And I'm a happy bunny.

            Let me add one more to your list - as it's also a favourite condiment. The Dutch will have peanut satay sauce. Sometimes on its own. Sometimes with mayo. 'Tis an excellent condiment.

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              What's a breakfast bacon sandwich in England? Is ketchup the normal condiment or is it your secret Topping? :)

              1. re: bbqboy

                A bacon sandwich is bacon on a bap (or maybe just between two slices of bread). These are often served with brown sauce (HP) although ketchup isn't unheard of.

                1. re: bbqboy

                  As Lizard says, a breakfast bacon sandwich is nothing more than a bacon sandwich for breakfast.

                  For me, ketchup with bacon, brown sauce (Daddies) for the sausage equivalent, mustard for with black pudding.