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Jul 31, 2010 12:00 PM

Best Eats in Dunnellon, FL

Hubby and I will be staying in Dunnellon, FL on the river right by the historic district and were hoping for some food recommendations.

Trip dates: Aug 8-10 (Sun-Tue)

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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  1. *crickets* ;)

    Oh, boy...I used to live up in that area, and it's a barren and desolate wasteland for a foodie. Your nearest best bet might be in Crystal River (about 20 minutes away), where you could check out Vintage on 5th.

    1. Good luck, Sweet Polly is right, it's a wasteland. Crystal River is the only ticket and great seafood market there is you have a kitchen. You could also catch some nice, fat bass out of the rainbow river and cook those also!

      1. old homosassa had a few minor gems last time i visited a couple years ago: the Museim Cafe does good Cubans and such, the Freezer for seafood, and Marguerita's for solid pub grub (and quail!) and giant margaraitas. If at possible, as about the 9/11 "show" there on saturday nights. if they're still doing it, you are in for a surreal treat. i truly need to write about my experience at the 9/11 show and the rodeo clown as McCain and Obama faced off in Iowa and the news crept by on the TV. Only in America!

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          Please do write about this event of which you speak...

          1. re: andy huse

            I second Andy's recommendation of Marguerita's...some fantastic fresh seafood (great grilled octopus and triggerfish). Not familiar with the show, but the back deck overlooking the water is a lovely place to dine.

          2. Just got back from Inverness, about a 15 minute drive of Dunnellon, where I had a very nice dinner at McLeod House Bistro ( -- enjoyed some excellent stuffed clams for appetizer, followed by a tender duck breast and ended with a flourless chocolate torte. Small house, intimate dining, worth the drive from Dunnellon.....

            1. Thanks all!

              Didn't make it to any of the suggested places as we did not want to drive (at all). Old Homosassa sounds interesting as we did want to stay at a little B&B I found but it was closed for renovations.

              Dunnellon has nice, homey restaurants. Certainly pub grub; unfortunately, most were closed Sunday and Monday (during our stay).