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Jul 31, 2010 11:37 AM

Grocery shopping/take-out on way to Hana

Aloha island chowhounds,

We're heading out to Maui mid-August and spending three nights in Hana. My recollection of Hana is that there's not a lot there in terms of restaurants, so we plan to cook. We'll be spending a night somewhere before heading up to Hana. I'd love some recommendations on where to pick up reasonably portable prepared foods. I'm particularly fond of poke and have a general fondness for local equivalents of street food. Will take any and all shave ice recommendations along the road. I know there are threads on this and I've looked, but I can always go for more info.

Also, we'll be on the island eight nights--would love to get to some farmer's markets--I suspect we'll end up near Kihei for a few nights, but we'll drive long ways for interesting food.


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  1. Whole Foods is now open at the mall near the airport:

    There is also a post on this board from AmyMad about food/Hana...

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    1. Thanks for the Paia suggestion, we'll definitely be going through there.

      I saw AmyMad's Hana post, which confirmed what I remember from last time. Might as well pack, cook and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful places in the world.