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Jul 31, 2010 10:34 AM

Seafood in Bucks County

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive restaurant in Lower Bucks to have a good seafood dinner?


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  1. Not too familiar with the Lower Bucks area anymore since we moved from there 11 years ago, but I know Bucks County Seafood on 313 in Dublin offers Fried Seafood Platters along with awesome fresh fish and seafood for cooking at home. Will see if I can come up with any others closer to Lower Bucks.

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      Try Kopper Kettle at bristol rd and bridgetown pike in southampton. I havent eaten in the restaurant recently, but the takeout seafood is consistently good. Order fried shrimp or scallops by the pound.

      1. re: dishilt

        Try Hellers here is the link http://www.hellersseafood.com/
        They always have great seafood ,, best variety and quality
        have purchased from them many many times
        not inexpensive but you get what you pay for

        1. re: cpski

          I was not aware they were serving meals at their location.