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Jul 31, 2010 08:53 AM

Tingle (Asheville)

Has anyone tried Tingle Cafe yet?

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  1. All I've had were sodas since we had just eaten when we walked past. If they take the same kind of care with the food, it may be good. My husband's ginger ale was ginger simple syrup, bitters, soda, shaken in a cocktain shaker, fresh ginger grated over the top, and then a mint leaf. Similar on my fauxhito.

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      Ooooohhh. That ginger ale sounds amazing. I adore ginger. We have headed that way several times but just keep getting side tracked. I'll report back as soon as I make it, hopefully before the weekend!

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        did you ever have the ginger ice cream at the place on Merrimon (closed now) ? It was great! i think Ultimate has a ginger flavor as well.

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          The Hop? They just moved up the street. They're next door to Rise 'n Shine Cafe.

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            oops. i didn't mean merrimon, I meant Montford. it was right past 240 from downtown.

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                I never had ginger ice cream. Sounds so good! I am pretty obsessed with the "ginger snap" martini at Umi. Is sooooo fresh and amazing. Not at all sweet!

    2. Where is Tingle Cafe located?

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      1. Finally went by there for dinner on Friday night. I have to say I was overall very impressed. The service was attentive and friendly. I had a Tingle-ale which was as mentioned before, a fresh homemade ginger ale. For dinner I had the fried catfish, it came with slaw and two sides. I had collards and cheese grits. Servings sizes were huge! The catfish was some of the best I have ever had. My boyfriend kept stealing it and was very happy when I had a huge portion left over. The collards were also very good. The cheese grits were a little dry and boring for my taste, I would not get them again.
        My boyfriend had their fried chicken, it came with flash fried green and two sides. He had the savory bread pudding and slaw. He thought the chicked was the best he had had in the area. Juicy and well seasoned, I'm not a huge fried chicken fan so I can't comment. The bread pudding was pretty awesome with tomatos, mushrooms and a delicious au jus. The slaw was very fresh, I liked it, boyfriend said he wasn't as impressed.
        For dessert, we split a piece of blueberry pie with lemon cream. I am not a huge blueberry lover, but found this to be good. My boyfriend loved it.
        For the huge portions of food, dessert ginger soda and a beer the total with out tip was 29 bucks! We could not believe how cheap it was.
        the only complaint I would have is the table set up, the building is neat but there is a lack of privacy which I enjoy when dining out. We were sat in the middle of the restaurant and both felt rather exposed. This certinally would not stop us from going back though! Overall, I think everyone looking for good solid casual/comfort food at amazing prices should give it a try!

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          Thanks caiogirl
          Finally someone has eaten there

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            My wife and I ate there last night and found the service to be spotty and the food to be hit or miss. I think they have a lot of potential though if they can tighten it up...

        2. We tried them for lunch. My sandwich was good, but a little smallish. If it was priced any higher I would have felt it was too much. Service was fine. I liked the wider than usual variety of sides. Tried the lavender lemonade. Was underwhelmed.

          Our lunch was on the late side. The kitchen sounded like they were prepping for the evening. Rather loud machine sounds, perhaps blenders ran off and on. It was a tad intrusive. Front door wouldn't shut when people came in went, increasing the warmth factor a bit. Little things to get the kinks out of.

          There was enough of interest that I would try them again.

          1. I'm sad someone you all have had what sounds like mediocre experiences at Tingle, I'll have to try again. Maybe I was just super hungry that night as our food was really good hmmm. Oh and PS try The Southern, the new place that opened up next to LAB. It is so good!