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Jul 31, 2010 08:31 AM

How to eat fresh tomatoes?

My wife, who was born in Raleigh to Yankee and Midwestern parents, claims mayo and salt on tomatoes makes them great.

I, who comes from 10 generations of Marylanders (yes, it is south of the Mason-Dixon line) and North Carolinians, claim a little bit of sugar in best.

Anyone want to help us settle? Is this a regional thing or just personal preference?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ain't nothing better than a fresh 'mater sandwich with salt and Duke's mayo.

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          1. re: vafarmwife

            +++++ Salt, pepper, Duke's & bread. I wouldn't be too disappointed if all you had was Hellman's.

            I also love them sliced w/ s&p, crumbled blue cheese and vinaigrette dressing.

          2. salt, pepper, homemade mayo. End of story.

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            1. re: caiogirl

              Oh, I can't think of lots of ways to eat them. Plain, out of hand, is good, especially when they've just been picked and are sun-warmed. A little oil and vinegar is good, too. Sliced with fresh mozzarella and basil is always a treat. And, finally, revealing my Midwest upbringing, sliced or cut up with Miracle Whip. Yes, Miracle Whip! A little S&P can be added to any of these to your liking but I've never heard of sugar on tomatoes. If their really good, I can't imagine sugar being needed. If they're no so good, I can't imagine sugar really helping. Maybe it *is* a regional thing.

              1. re: d.v

                no clue why we added it - these were fresh out of the garden, so yup, great all by themselves. I don't eat them that way now, but did when I lived up there.

            2. I'm a New England transplant and we use sugar too. :) Am guessing it's regional.

              1. I pick it up and eat it like an apple.