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Jul 31, 2010 05:18 AM

Where to find unrefined grapeseed oil?

Looking for unrefined grapeseed or similar oils at a good price in Toronto. Tried Planet Organic, Ambrosia, and some others, but everyone seems to be charging more than $10 for 750ml. I don't mind buying a 5L or 3L quantity, but don't want to pay olive oil prices. Prefer if it's local. Doesn't have to be grapeseed, I'm ok with sunflower, safflower, etc. Just has to be unrefined and a higher smokepoint than olive oil.

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  1. Only a couple of local (Niagara) wineries are producing grapeseed oil and it's incredibly expensive. Grapeseed oil has been my neutral, high-smoking-point oil of choice since I banned canola oil from my kitchen and I am willing to pay the price.

    Any idea how many grape seeds are needed to make a litre of oil? I don't but am willing to bet it's a hell of a lot, hence the price.

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      Yeah, I've we're on the same page with canola. I've also heard that Niagara producers have some great grapeseed oils, but also heard that it's very cheap. I guess the latter was inaccurate. Other than going to Niagara, are there places here to buy it and what would you consider as incredibly expensive?

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        Incredibly expensive as in about $30 for 100mL. I'm not sure if it's available other than at the wineries that make it.

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          I found an amazing source of pure, cold-pressed and unrefined grapeseed oil. It's from Niagara Vinegars in St Catherine (it's owned by a winery... and the name escapes me at the moment). If you email them and say you're looking for wholesale, you can get a 5 litre container (sealed bag in a box) for $40, which is a fantastic deal. They also wholesale their wine vinegars and other products for huge discounts to the smaller bottles they sell in the store. Quality is great.

          If you email them, they will respond quickly and are very easy to deal with. Have to pick up in St Catherines, but worth the trip if you buy enough to last a while. Also a good excuse for a day trip to see some wineries :).

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