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Jul 31, 2010 01:29 AM

New crab place in bluebell opening soon

The grand opening is this thursday august 5th and it's located in Pudge's old digs I think. Their specialty is crab cakes and it's in the tiny shopping center where DeKalb Produce is. The name is Capt. Chuck's Crab Shack or something. I was pretty pumped until I saw the hours. They are only open til six on weekdays, close even earlier on saturday and on sundays they are "Gone Crabbin' With a limited menu, short hours, and a no frills locale I have high hopes that I will soon be munching on some quality crab cakes. If I can just get there in time. :)".

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  1. One opened in Trappe recently but I haven't heard from anyone yet who has tried it..
    Here is a link:
    Does anyone know of the original one in Newtown Square??

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      Capt. Chucky's has very good crabcakes. As good or better than Bobby Chez's in NJ if you're familiar with those. I was happy to see the Trappe location and very glad that there will now be one in Bluebell - I used to live in Delaware County and went to the Edgemont location (near Newtown Square), now live in Worcester and have been to the Trappe store, and will also go to the new Bluebell location.

      1. re: cheesewit

        I've been to the Cap'n Chucky's in Trappe, right near the Trappe Tavern and they are quite good and reasonably priced for jumbo lump crabcakes. Their shrimp salad, made with large plump Gulf shrimp and not that sewage-raised imported crap, was quite good as well.

          1. re: Displaced California Foodie

            Pudge's moved to the strip center next door

    2. Ya know, sometimes I never know whether I should post something from the Philly burbs on the Philly board of on the PA board. I guessed wrong this time.

      Here's my posting from the PA board:

      CRAB CAKE ALERT: Capt'n Chucky's new Blue Bell location

      I've been hearing a lot of buzz about Capt'n Chucky's Crab Cakes from some friends who have been watching the location of their new store (1530 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell) for weeks, waiting for it to open. I called the Trappe store & the opening of the Blue Bell store is set for Thursday, 8/5, if all goes well with the necessary inspections.

      The original location is in Newtown Square, and they have other satellite locations in Trappe and Chester Springs. Can anyone tell me about their crabcakes & related products? I am a crabcake freak, and their main web site makes everything look so good. The fact that they will have a location in my area has me drooling. Is my drooling warranted?

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      1. re: PattiCakes

        I can't answer your question as I have never been to Capt'n Chucky's, but we drove past today and the sign says they are opening on Thursday.

        1. re: PattiCakes

          I was already pretty pumped about this new joint, and then I clicked on your link to their website Patti! Those pics look yummy and the site even says: Gluten-Free Smith Island Crab Cakes!!! Now I can even go there with my friend who is trying gluten-free atm. How sweet is that???

          1. re: givemecarbs

            VERY sweet. Maple Acres Farm Stand for corn fresh from the field, then Capt'n Chucky's for crab cakes. Sounds like a plan.

            I wonder what the difference is between the Smith Island cakers and the regular ones? Will have to conduct a taste test.

            1. re: PattiCakes

              sounds like a great test! :) i love crab cakes.

        2. We got Jumbo Lump crabcakes from the Trappe location about a month ago, and to be honest, I think Wegman's crabcakes are better. They just seemed a bit bland to me. We also got the crab soup/bisque, which I thought was delicious! However, I will still go back to Capt Chucks to try other things and possibly order party platters as well.

          1. Thanks for the info. Do you know or does anyone else here know is there anyplace relatively near Philly where I can get Maryland Blue Crabs, either for sale or on someone's menu?

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              For Maryland Crabs, I think the best place is Hadfields on the PA/DE border on Rt. 202. Take out only. If think their website has a 10% off coupon listed. I've also heard good things about Crab Crazy in Douglassville.

            2. First, a small shout-out to jujuthomas. Talk about a small world -- she rides the train to work with my DS & is the person who told DS about Capt'n Chucky's in the first place. And then sis told me, and I KNEW I needed to get my crab on.

              First, the location. If you are coming from Blue Bell on Rt. 73 (Skippack Pike), heading towards Skippack, you would turn left onto 202. You go through the annoying construction (deep breath, think happy thoughts), past Lai Lai Gardens on the left & the big Catholic church on the right. Go past the strip of stores on the left (Sleepy's, Pudge's) to the very next little shopping center on the left, where DeKalb Produce is located. Whitpain Tavern is across the street. Capt'n Chucky's is next to the produce store.

              The place is very clean, and the owners absolutely lovely. There is a freezer case off to the left containing bags of their frozen apps, bags of mega frozen scallops, some pre-portioned fish, BIG soft shell crabs, Alaskan crab legs, soups and a variety of Pellman desserts. These look like restaurant quality cakes (think big carrot cake & the like) available as pre-portioned whole cakes or by the generous slice. The fresh food case at the front of the store contains all of their non-frozen products. I might have been the only person in the store who actually came in because I planned the trip – most of the others seemed to have been happily surprised to find a crab cake place next to their produce stand, or were just drawn in by the sign/balloons close to the street.

              I did drop a good amount of coin because I have no self control where crabs are concerned. I bought 2 of the Signature Crab Cakes, 2 Smith Island Crab Cakes and 2 colossal breaded and crab-stuffed shrimp. Those will be dinner tonight, comparison reporting to follow on Sunday. They had a number of other non-breaded cakes, including a yummy lobster cake, as well as a number of breaded cakes. The next time I go back I will get some of the shrimp cakes that kept calling my name.

              I also bought 3 bags of their frozen apps, which will be perfect as munchies or for a light supper. The apps are individually frozen, so you can take out just a few or a whole bunch. The ones I chose were the Crab Crunchers (I think they are like mini breaded crab cakes), very large Clam Balls, and equally large Crabalaya Balls – crab & Cajun sausage in a breaded ball. Had to buy a container of something called “Sabi Sauce”, a creamy pink accompaniment for the crab cakes with a bit of a kick, and a pint of the freshly made shrimp salad. After eating a sample of the shrimp salad, there was no way I could walk out of there without a pint. It was not cheap ($10.95/pint), but it contained very large whole shrimp, wonderfully (but lightly) dressed. Well worth the price. I brought it home, cut one of our big garden tomatoes into a wedge cup and put the salad inside. Holy Cow. Amazing! There were other, less exotic salads in the case – just the thing if you are putting together a last-minute dinner. Of course having that produce store right next door is very cool, not to mention convenient.

              As I said, the owners are lovely, and could not do enough to make sure everyone knew what all the products were and how to cook them. They even have a fund-raising program that would be most attractive if I still had kids needing to raise money for their sports teams. Beats the heck out of all those pizza kits and stale candy.

              If you do go in, let them know you are a Chow Hound. I told them about and they were amazed that there was even a web site like that. In this economy, it’s great to see people taking a chance, wanting to make a go of it by opening a new and different food-releated enterprise. And heaven knows we Chow Hounds are always on the prowl for something new and different, even if it's some place crabby.

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              1. re: PattiCakes

                Good report on the offerings and layout of the store. Enjoy your bounty.

                1. re: PattiCakes

                  Thanks for the report Patti! Please tell me there are no bell peppers in the crab cakes.

                  1. re: crazyspice

                    I think they list all ingredients on the website.

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                    Awesome report Patti! John and I stopped there on friday a bit after seven pm and they were still open! Plenty of people were coming in and buying stuff. John was devastated that he couldn't get a crab cake sandwich to munch on while we played cards next door. The owners are really nice, I sampled the shrimp salad, grape salad and broccoli salad and bought some of all three, plus a wedge of chocolate cake. Playing in a card tourney requires stamina and I needed to keep my strength up. I just happened to have some french bread in the car so I made myself a shrimp salad sandwich. The grape salad was very refreshing on a hot summer evening, and my other friend liked the broccoli salad even more. Maybe next time I will bring a cooler with ice so that I can buy some crab cakes and keep them cold. John wants them to offer crab salad as well.

                    1. re: PattiCakes

                      And of course I'd read about Capt'n Chucky's right here! :)
                      thanks for the report Patti!

                      1. re: PattiCakes

                        After some serious taste testing, I have to report that the Smith Island crab cake was the clear winner. It was like eating a pile of lump crab meat -- only the tiniest bit of filler to keep the cake together. The Signature crab cake was excellent as well, but it did not have the as much of that lump crab. The stuffed shrimp was ok, but not my fave. It was very nicely breaded, with a shell that maintained it's crispness without having been fried. I'm just not a fan of a homogenized crab filling -- give me the lump every time. The Crabalya Balls were great apps, and quite large. Again, although not fried, they had a marvelously crunchy shell when baked. And their Sabi Sauce? A "must have" with the crab cakes! Sooo much better than tartar or cocktail sauce.

                        The other clear winner was the shrimp salad. Carbs, I'm with you -- some crusty French bread & the shrimp salad would be nirvana. That grape salad looked good. It reminded me of a dessert my dad used to make with grapes, a little sour cream and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

                        We'll try the Crab Crunchers and the Clam Balls later this week. I just feel sorry for all those emasculated male clams.........

                        1. re: PattiCakes

                          He he Patti! Alright Smith Island crab cake it is next time I go there. Not sure I can wait til friday, your report has made me impatient to get my crab on!

                          1. re: PattiCakes

                            The weather finally got cool enough for me to nab some crab for after tournament munching! I got some more of the shrimp salad for munching while playing cards, and a stuffed mushroom and an imperial crab cake for a lovely late night indulgence.
                            Everything was very good. I was grateful for the printed instructions because my brain was fried by the time I got home. I'm looking forward to trying some of the uncooked offerings next week if it is cooler. I can hear an owl hooting from my window as I type this, it won't stay warm much longer.
                            The owners were kind and friendly, and they have caved in to popular demand and changed their hours so they are open til seven pm on weekdays. Woot!