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Jul 31, 2010 12:14 AM

Anyone atempt homade frozen Pizza?

So I FINALLY got a kitchen aid. I'm looking to bang out more pizzas. Growing up, I ate my share of frozen pizzas and witnessed the evolution and now, the de-evolution. You see, fo rmy money I can't get a decent frozen pizza. I can't order one delivered because they arrive cold and with cheaper ingredients than the frozen one. I usually resolve to keep a frozen one stashed for my pizza needs. Has anyone tried to store their own? I mean, is it a problem of par-baking? Do I just plastic wrap the heck out of it when it cools? What's the deal? I would love to learn from others' mistakes and spare myself the anguish. Tips? Advice?

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  1. Having worked in a bakery for many years, you would be surprised with how many things you by "fresh" is actually frozen. Pizza dough is one of the best things to freeze because you defrost in the fridge in the morning then night time you should be good to go. The gluten develops more slowly in the fridge and will yield a chewy by crisp crust. You just need to make sure to use a stone after you got the thing rolled out. The other alternative is to bake out the crust preformed. Par bake them so you don't have burnt crust later and lower the heat of the oven while you bake the pie. Lastly make sure you tightly wrap any par baked crust. Moisture is your enemy here.

    1. I freeze my leftover pizza all the time. I am usually by myself for dinner and can't consume a whole pizza at one sitting. ;)
      When I take the cooked pizza out of the oven, I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before slicing it. I leave it sliced to cool right on the baking sheet. I refrigerate it up to a week (I never put meat on my pizza), or freeze it in slices. I put three slices on a paper plate, slip them into a zip lock freezer baggie and get almost all of the air out. Then place the slices laying flat in the freezer, stacking them if I have a lot.
      The main thing I have learned about re-heating the pizza, is to do what Tyler Florence says. Heat 1 slice in a skillet on med. high for 4 minuntes uncovered, turn heat to low and cover. Continue to cook for 3 more minutes. The pizza is really good this way, crispy crust and melty on top. Good luck!

      1. Better to freeze raw, then defrost and bake.

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          That is what I do. Make the dough and freeze it. Usually I freeze the balls, thaw and roll out when needed but a friend turned me on to rolling them out first into thin crust pies, then freezing into pizza "blanks." It works well; just top and bake when you're ready.

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            what are your times on the "blanks"?