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Jul 30, 2010 11:52 PM

California Pizza Kitchen

Just ate at one in NJ. I was impressed. I had the Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizza. Was very very good.

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  1. CPK used to be better when their pizza's were cooked in wood fired ovens. Now they all have wood fired "looking" ovens, but they're all gas ovens now.

    If you liked it that's what counts.

    1. We have completely oposite tastes, not a bad thing The one time I ate there, I had the same thing. It was way to sweet for me, I couldn't finish it. I just don't understand why pizza needs to be sweet. I have not been back.

      1. Pizza is interesting when it's sweet. I've never been a fan of that, but certain toppings seem to work well. Case in point? Their kids' pizza, honey chicken, in an adult size. It's fantastic and yet so simple. Dough, three cheeses, grilled chicken, and honey. I can't believe it's so good.

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          My kids always get the honey chicken pizza, and I have made it at home too. It's surprisingly good! Also, the kids mac & cheese is amazing. It's not Kraft, it's gourmet, and a huge portion (for sharing with mom & dad!).

          I have really never been disappointed with anything at CPK, but my personal favorite is the Thai Crunch salad. I call it "candy salad," and I found the recipe for it (including the two dressings) here:

        2. I actually like CPK as well, but have been hesistant to go lately b/c I feel like their prices have gotten too high! I remember a few years back when their pizzas and full size salads were mostly all around $9-$10 and considered a good deal.