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Jul 30, 2010 09:56 PM

Report: Crib notes from 1 week in Vancouver

Thanks for all the chatter before the trip.
Thought I would provide the brief report out...
Overall we had some great food and some good food, but only regrettable food when we made a few choices in haste by necessity...

So, first off, I canceled my Blue Water Cafe reservations. Feel good about that call especially after walking by and checking out the atmosphere.

The two most memorable meals:
Dinner at Bishop's - food was excellent - service was surprisingly poor (uncoordinated servers, inappropriate extended chit chat). Pricing is silly, if you allow yourself to get worked up on such things, we had a $13 and $16 dessert - just silly - with 2 coffees, dessert alone was $40. Really good food and nice house cocktails to start.
Lunch at Kingyo - Great food, beautiful inside. Got a few dishes and the bento box - this bento is the standard that I doubt will ever be matched - beautiful and delicious in ways I did not know possible. Truly impressive place that I would take all my visitors if I was a local.

Meals in:
Great selection of pate and bread from the place in Granville Market - I'm sure locals know the name of the place.
Made a seafood tower of my own from shellfish at Mr Lobsterman - also from Granville Market.
Fresh Japanese Restaurant - takeout - good, not great, but reasonably priced sushi
Rangoli - takeout - samosas and chutneys were the highlights - main dishes were not as interesting as we get locally at multiple places in Berkeley

Other places we tried.
Go Fish - absolutely great fish and chips, tacones were unimpressive and over sauced, oyster po boy tasted great but hamburger bun resulted in super squishy and fall apart mess.
Guu Garden - really enjoyable daily lunch combo specials (fried oysters and black cod), which are bento box-like.
Zakkushis - fun and tasty meat on a stick, we had quite a selection, all were great with beer.
Gyoza King - good gyozas with nice selection of fillings. Enjoyable with beer too, but not a place I would go out of my way for.
We had some top notch cocktails at Pourhouse. Expensive, but as good as cocktails get.
Had a Japadog and fries - not something I will miss.

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4, CA

871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L9, CA

Zakkushi Japanese Restaurant
823 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L7, CA

Go Fish Ocean Emporium
1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

Gyoza King
1508 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G1C2, CA

Bishop's Restaurant
2183 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N7, CA

Vij's Rangoli
1488 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

Pourhouse Restaurant
162 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, CA

Japa Dog Restaurant
530 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B, CA

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  1. Bento box at Kingyo

    871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L9, CA

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    1. re: A Amore

      Thanks for the report, especially about the bento box at Kingyo -- it's more like a bento shelf :-).

      1. re: grayelf

        Oh yeah, wine prices at restaurants in Vancouver are insane. Most places are 3-4 times retail price. We ended up drinking mostly beer out (which was fine by us) - except at Bishop's where we split an $65 half-bottle (which ended up not being impressive). We did by 4 bottles of BC wine to have in condo - all exceeded expectations and would be enjoyable by any standards.

      2. re: A Amore

        I love the bento box at Kingyo. It occupies a special place in my brain. I feel delirious just thinking about it! Thanks for the pic!

        871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L9, CA