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Jul 30, 2010 09:01 PM

Crawfish in MA or CT?

Anyone know where I could purchase crawfish? I live in Western MA and have never run into any here, save for that one time the Whole Foods in Hadley had already-cooked ones. I'd really prefer the crawfish in the shell so I could make stock with it, but will settle if tail meat if that's all that is available. I wouldn't mind traveling either, so if you have seen them somewhere please let me know! Many thanks in advance

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  1. Although I've never purchased them, I always see bags of them in Stop & Shop. They're located in the same freezer with the bags of frozen shrimp.

    1. I believe I have bought them at North Shore Seafood in Northampton. Talk to Mike; he can custom order.

      1. You can get them in almost any fish market, only they are bigger than your southern crawdads, and marine rather than freshwater. And you don't have to boil them for a week or two. They taste like the sea, not like mud.

        We call 'em "lobsters".