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Buttermilk Channel?

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I am dying to try it since I love chicken and waffles. Everyone raves about it an actually saw it featured on Tv on Unique Eats. What are everyone's thoughts on it? What else besides the chicken stands out?

Buttermilk Channel
524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. Never had the chicken and waffles, but the side of bacon (they have it at dinner and brunch) is one of my favorite things to eat in the city right now. Also, the duck meatloaf is delicious. I found the burger underwhelming, btw.

    1. We had a very nice brunch a few weekends ago. The eggs were terrific- though a bit dear with the fillings
      . At first I thought that the service was a bit snooty- person at the door barked to a waitress- "put them at that table" as if we were invisible. But things warmed up finally- even after we declined to order alcohol. We don't live in the area but it is on our normal errand route so we will be back.

      1. Fried pork chops and cheddar waffle. My husband had this when we went for brunch. It was delicious.

          1. Had a wonderful dinner there last night. Mondays they offer a prix fixe dinner for $25 that is a real bargain: starter, entree, and dessert. We had the fried chicken, which was really good and not very greasy, and also a delicious linguine dish with fresh corn and mushrooms. My only criticism is that our starters came out almost immediately after the snacks we had ordered and we still hadn't gotten our drinks. The entrees then followed almost as soon as we were done with the starters. When that was cleared we had to ask for a breather before dessert. All in all, a very good meal but not well paced.

            Buttermilk Channel
            524 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

            1. The chicken and waffles is just ok. My favorite dish by far is the duck meatloaf. Ox-tail stew day (wednesday i think?) is also a winner.

              1. I wasn't really impressed w/the chicken & waffles either. Both seemed kind of dry and bland to me. Nothing special

                The duck meatloaf is pretty amazing, though.