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Jul 30, 2010 06:17 PM

I Love my Weber grill - Cornell chicken

I bought a Weber kettle grill about ten years ago. I fell in love with it, and swore I would only use my gas grill during the week when time was short. Well over the years, I seem to have used my trusty Weber less and less. Last year I didn't fire it up at all....Well the unthinkable happened this spring. I found myself out of gas which is unacceptable because I have two tanks, when one runs out switch tanks and get the empty refilled. Guess I didn't stay on top of that. So to finish up the steaks I was cooking, I fired up the Weber. I realized how much I missed my grill. I've been using it exclusively since. Trying new things, getting more into smoking things with my Weber.....feel like I've found an old best friend. Where I need help with is, I've been trying to get down the Cornell chicken recipie. If you've never had it, you're missing out. I used to stop on my way down to the beach at the local Kiwanas or VFD who slow cook their chicken the Cornell way....mighty tasty, and I just can't seem to repicate it. I can get the flavor with marinating boneless chicken....but whole chickens I haven't had much I smoke if, or just indirect cook it.......they use open grills with whole chickens split down the middle....I just can't seem to get it. I get close, and my family loves it....but I know it's not "IT" if that makes sense. Any help or tips would be appreciated. BTW, have I told you I love my Weber...LOL

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  1. Not seeing your Cornell chicken piece earlier tonight, I added the recipe to White Barbeque discussion. Get those coals white and add more when needed. I cannot picture cooking boneless. Chicken must sit overnight in the marinade. Cook early and place in foil in a cooler or container. I can hear the kitchen police scream as I write this. Churches, Kiwanis whatever, start cooking very early in the day. By noon, it is cooked and they serve not from the grill, but from the store in the cooler, garbage can whatever. It sits and further develops the flavor. I take NO responsibility for any illness incurred. But then it is not supposed to sit many hours. Maybe four or five while the pic a nic goes on.

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      I saw your post on the white BBQ sauce discussion and had a flash back to being a grad student in poultry science at the U of Wisconsin. When we grilled half chickens for a Dept.picnic, that's the sauce the Poultry Products prof would make. I still use that recipe today, 4 decades later. A real winner!

    2. I use propane so can't help much with the grilling method, but I would tell you that I never grill boneless breasts. Try legs, wings, thighs - even boneless thighs, if you want. A slow-grilled boneless chicken thigh turns out soooo tender and juicy.

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        I almost never eat boneless chix breasts, ever, but occasionally I marinate them and grill them on low heat to eat atop salad... very juicy, nice carmelization... I use a Weber Genesis gas grill.

      2. According to Chef John, a longer marination helps a lot..... I agree.

        1. If you have a grill with a top that slides over do try Beer Can Chicken (directions online). The cooked chicken meat is more moist and tender and flavorful than any chicken I have ever tasted. You can buy a wire beer can holder at Bed Bath & Beyond that holds the beer and positions the chicken, or you might just wing it with a pan underneath.

          1. I'd like to know about it when I return home to our Weber. used the Weber exclusively for years also > party no doubt because we had the methods all down finally.
            I am not a fan if bbqing bk/sl or plain boneless. the time gets away from and they dry out, so am fond of bone in.

            we bought a new BBQ for our camping needs yesterday. not sure what kind he bought because I stayed in truck with our gear. it was time to get new one plus other one we have stays with other gear.