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Jul 30, 2010 03:50 PM

Recipes for fennel

I have never eaten fennel. It looks kind of interesting. Anybody have any ideas for fennel.

The most interesting recipe I found was for braised fennel.

It calls for the fennel to be cut in wedges and browned in a skillet with butter. Then some white wine and chicken broth is added. The lid is put on and the fennel is allowed to braise for about 20 minutes. The fennel is removed and the broth is reduced to a sauce. Add butter, parsley and lemon juice to the sauce and pour over fennel and serve.

I would have posted a link but it is a "view for pay" section of Cook' Illustrated so I didn't bother.

Somewhere it said this stuff tasted like Star Anise. Does this stuff really taste like licorice?

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  1. Hank, you might enjoy this thread of alkapal's:

    I LOVE fennel in all forms - cooked,raw in salads and fennel seed.

    1. Thanks, that sounds nice. As it happens, there is a fennel bulb languishing in my veggie drawer right now that might enjoy being prepared as you suggest.

      1. The simplest is to slice it thin, and use in a salad. It has a crunch like celery, with a anise/licorice aroma (aroma more than taste). Contrasting colors like orange and olives go well with it, and a light dressing of olive oil and vinegar.

        1. I love fennel bulb. Last week I saw fennel bulb in our farmers market for the first time, and cheaper than the usual going rate. So we will be indulging in this.

          I can't find my usual recipe, but found one that looks like it. It calls for halving or quartering the bulbs, parboiling them and then baking with broth and a bit of cream. They were parboiled for about 5 minutes and then baked for about 20 minutes. Then they are sprinkled with some parmesan and fennel seeds and fronds if desired. My original recipe used parmesan and bread crumbs and I liked that. Really good.

          Another thing I've been looking at is grilling them. The recipes I've seen call for slicing so that a bit of the core stays intact to hold the layers together. Brushed with oil and grilled.

          1. I like to put some fennel into fish stew -- like cioppino, which is one of my easy favorite dishes anyway. It's also good braised as you suggested. I dislike licorice but this stuff tastes far more mild. It has a hint of anise flavor but more subtle.