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Jul 30, 2010 03:35 PM

crabs in baltimore

passing through baltimore on sunday and want to stop for crabs. Is Obryckis still the place to go or does anyone suggest someplace else?

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  1. Obrycki's has never been "the place to go." If you are in at 4pm, got to Bill's Terrace Inn. Earlier they are not open, later you will have a long wait, which is common with many crab places.

    Bill's Terrace Inn
    200 Eastern Blvd, Essex, MD 21221

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    1. Obrycki's is not "the place to go", but it's quite acceptable in my opinion unless they've gone downhill since I was last there years ago. They do an older style black pepper based seasoning rather than the currently fashionable Old Bay (or other things like it) seasoning.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        considering that Old Bay has been around for over 70 years and JO for over 60...
        My departed Great Aunt who was Baltimore born (in 1896) and raised on Patterson Park told me that back in the day they didn't steam crabs with any seasoning.

        1. re: hon

          let me re-phrase, they steamed crabs with no seasoning, my goodness, my English sometimes, sheesh...

          1. re: hon

            I've heard the same thing about them originally being steamed plain. The story was that bar owners would add the seasonings to make their patrons drink more. I have no personal experience (obviously) or evidence to say for sure that it's really true.

            1. re: hon

              Maybe this is why my Grandpa always insisted his steamed crabs be washed off before served? Me, I like the seasoning -- take a nice, in season summer tomato slice and scoop up some of the seasoning from the shell. Oh, yes! Pass the beer pitcher, please.

              1. re: placidothecat

                I'm with Hon and Hal--when i was a boy the crabs were never seasoned, and I also heard the bars did so to get patrons thirsty

                1. re: tartuffe

                  tartuffe and placidothe cat--YEAH, am I the only Baltimorean who likes to rinse off the seasoning on steamed crabs? That is my primary reason for only wanting to purchase a dozen and eat them at home. I was always embarrassed to order them in a restaurant and have to deal with the seasonings.

                  Don't get me wrong, I love Old Bay when steamed with shrimp or used a bit in a crabcake or Crab Imperial. I just don't want the overdose of the seasoning(s) usually steamed on crabs. I want to taste the meat. That is a reason that I truly love Dungeness crab when it's available. It is usually steamed without any seasoning. The sweet meat speaks for itself.

                  Oh, BTW, I don't drink beer. So, when I eat my rinsed off steamed crabs at home, I drink wine. WEIRD--PERHAPS--but it works for me.

                  I should check my genealogy to make sure that I was truly born in Baltimore of Baltimore parents. FoiGras

                  1. re: tartuffe

                    I LOVE crabs steamed with crabhouse seasoning.