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Jul 30, 2010 03:32 PM

Bagaduce Lunch Brooksville Maine

Well after reading lots of good about Bagaduce lunch in Brooksville Maine I finally made it there for lunch.

I orderd the FIsh Burger and onion rings. Fish Burger was $6.50 order of rings and a beverage came to about $12.00.

Well the fish burger was all it was cracked up to be. Huge protion. There was more fish out side the bun then unfer it....and it was not a tiny hamberger bun. Fish was damn near fried perfect. Extreemly moist. Just a light but very taasty crunchy breading that really let the tase of the haddock shine thourgh. Had mine with tartar sause....did not know what to expect from the condiment but definately home made...I think had a touch of curry in it as it had a very pretty yellow green tint to it....finley diced vegies that stood there own while still having a good tartar sauce flavor. Plus a slice of american and cheese....yum.

Thin cut onion rind where sweet and tastey in not greesey....the perfect thing to much as you try to at least get the the bun of the sandwich pulling off beutiful scallop sized chunks of haddock.

Here's the kicker.....working just about 15 minutes down the road......gonna sample the lobster rolls and steak and cheese sub's in short order....I'll let you know.

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  1. Get the larger of the 2 sizes of lobster rolls when you go back - and move to one of the tables closer to the water to eat!

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      yea was kinda hot so went for the shade....but a #2 lobster roll is on my list......really had a good steak and cheese down the road at want to see how they compare. read in a couple posts they through some spice in therer there lobster the lobster rolls will come b4 the steak and cheese.......but some times the contrast of a smoken loaded stake and cheese on the maine coast is just too much to