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Jul 30, 2010 03:29 PM

Need Grand Junction recs

Heading out in a few days, out I70 to Grand Junction/Colorado National Monument. Looking for a lunch rec in GJ. Found some good sounding stuff in Moab already.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Enzo's is pretty good. I've been eating there a lot lately.

    Tequila's is my favorite Mexican restaurant in GJ.

    Nepal Restaurant has a small but decent lunch buffet.

    1. 626 on Rood
      and then there's 626 obn Rood
      amd finally 626 on Rood.

      If you are only in GJ for a dy or so, IMO, this is the place to go -- lunch, dinner, in between.

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      1. re: ClaireWalter

        Thank to both. Claire, I saw 626 when I googled but IIRC the prices were a bit spendy. Since we're only going to be in GJ for lunch we may try it depending on how hungry we ae at that point. Otherwise we may just try Enzos or Teguila's


        1. re: notfatfrank

          FWIW, Tequila's is a chain. Enzo's at least appears to be locally owned. If It were my trip, I'd rather have a couple of small plates at 626 on Rood than a gut-buster elsewere. but that's me.

      2. If it's not too late...

        Hot Tomato Cafe in Fruita is not to be missed. Seriously the best pizza west of the Mississippi. Great folks, great story, great pie.

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        1. re: Strangewine

          I'll second this. I've eaten there dozens of times, and it's shockingly good pizza by the slice - easily as good as any slice I've had in LA over the years (granted, LA's not a great pizza slice town, but still...).

          My wife loved the pesto; I really liked the sausage and olive. FWIW, I thought the slice pizza was better than the whole pizzas (different dough).

          I was seriously depressed when they closed down for a while due to that silly spat with the landlord, but happy to hear they've reopened.

        2. We had a nice meal at Dream Cafe in the old downtown. We were hungry and on the interstate, and we'd hoped that if we bypassed all the fast food chains we might find something in an abandoned downtown--a taqueria or something. But surprise, surprise--Grand Junction has a beautiful restored downtown that is full of cafes, restaurants, little stores, etc. It was so nice to see. The Dream Cafe looked good and indeed it was--I had a good crab cake sandwich, and they actually asked my husband how he wanted his burger cooked.