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Jul 30, 2010 02:33 PM

Any Good Sushi in DC?

I will be traveling on business in September, and I do have a Sushi obsession. I like traditional upscale, all about the food...don't care about the atmosphere or the price. Not into rolls, just fresh exotic fish. Is DC a sushi town, or should I skip it?

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  1. where are you staying
    lots of good sushi places

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    1. lots of recs on this thread, hasn't been updated in a while but it should give you at least an idea of what's out there.

      i still haven't been to kotobuki, you'll hear people mention sushi ko and kaz sushi bistro a lot (i like ko better than kaz), sushi taro is now good sushi but totally different from what it used to be.

      happy fish-eating :)

      1. kaz Sushi, sushi Ko, Sei, Oya

        1. So it sounds like Taro used to be the place... Now, Kaz?

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            I've heard nothing but good about the new Taro, the only negatives are that it's no longer a (relatively) inexpensive and casual place.

            I see from your profile you're in LA, don't get your hopes up too high. DC does have good sushi, but not the luxury of picking and choosing from a huge pool of excellent that LA does. I like Kaz, other opinions may differ.

          2. Sushi Taro is the only place in DC that is really as good as anything LA has to offer. As a restaurant, it's okay, but if you pay for the omakasse at the sushi counter, you will have an experience you will remember forever. It's about $100-125, depending on what and how much you pick when they spread out those beautiful stacked boxes of raw fish. That in itself is really something to see.

            ETA: It has a lot of negative buzz lately because you used to be able to get unbelievably good sushi for astonishingly low prices (it was just completely amazingly awesome) and at some point they realized that they have better fish than everyone else in the city and changed the concept accordingly and added cooked items.

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              Taro's fish quality: it really is top notch, best? I don't know, but I thought I'd never like Uni again til I gave it another try there.