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Jul 30, 2010 02:20 PM

Visiting Newport in late August....

Hi, I realize there are a lot of Newport dining posts on here, and Ive looked thru them. But I was hoping Frank, and others out there could help me narrow down our options a little. Here's the story. We will be going for a weekend trip at the end of August to visit, and we are only interested in SEAFOOD places. I can get a good steak or thai, or mexican etc. near me, and not really interested with that while were on a short vacation in Newport.... I was looking for not toooo expensive options, but I also realize its seafood we asking for, and its Newport lol. So I'm listing some options I've found from this site and others (tripadvisor etc) and was hoping you guys could help narrow these down a little for me, you know, this one's crazy expensive, or this one's a tourist trap, this one is overrated, this one's great for dinner, but not lunch... etc. Keep in mind we have Friday (possibly lunch and dinner ) Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sun (maybe a nice brunch and an early dinner, then we gotta get home!) I APPRECIATE ANY / ALL INPUT. Thanks in advance. Heres that list:

The Barking Crab
The Landing
The Mooring
Scales and Shells
Rhode Island Quahog Co.
The Red Parrot
Brick Alley Pub
The Black Pearl
Cafe Zelda
Flo's clam shack
Atlantic Beach Club
Anthony's seafood

PHEW! thanks again for any help.

Cafe Zelda
528 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

Red Parrot
348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

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  1. Not on your list is Eveyln's Drive In, which has a gorgeous setting on the water, with an upscale "shack" atmosphere, if that's possible. I am a lobster salad lover and generally a purist, but they make it with just meat and bun and melted butter and it's heaven. (It was featured on Drive Ins, Diners and Dives and the video is on the restaurant's website but do NOT get the lobster chow mein). Consider driving down the road into Narragansett, the food is just as good, less pretentious and less expensive. Aunt Carrie's is a favorite, very no frills but it doesn't get any fresher (I saw a former RI governer having dinner, the last time I was there). If you want to stay in Newport, skip the Red Parrot, it's good but not for seafood. The Black Pearl is great but noisy and again, not somewhere I'd head for seafood. My sister-in-law grew up near Flo's and says that's fabulous, so consider that. Keep in mind the word "shack" does not mean "cheap", you're going to pay for lobster no matter where you have it.

    Red Parrot
    348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

    Aunt Carrie's Restaurant
    1240 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

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    1. re: PaulaK

      I wish i had checked this board this morning. We decided to finally go over and try Evelyn's for lunch. I had heard about the chow mein so went for it. That is the worst thing i have ever ordered. not only is the look completely unappealing....the flavor and texture made it inedible. I have no idea how a restaurant could put this on their menu. It really fouled the whole experience. I ended up throwing it away and going to Flo's for a fish sandwich. I always seek out great food, but I have no problem getting through a mediocre meal. This was probably the first thing i have ever refused to eat.

    2. Newport is great so on here:
      Barking crab--- dead issue
      The landing --dont know never been
      The Mooring--excellent
      Scales and Shells --great
      RI Quahog--dont know never been
      Red Parrot--typical tourist trap
      Brick alley Pub--nice pub food nice drinks
      Black Pearl--Classical
      Flo's --FORGET IT
      Beach Club--never been
      Anthonys --never been
      Inn at Castle Hill
      Clark Cooke House
      The one thing about Newport is thats its Safe, plus after dinner you can stroll and check the sights out.

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      1. re: Frank Terranova

        Frank, I notice that you plug Bouchards pretty often. I myself haven't been in a decade, so I have no recent experiences (and it was wonderful a decade ago), but I've heard some pretty bad things over the past couple of years. You're still having good experiences?

        1. re: JaneRI

          Hi Jane,
          People from out of town ask about a certain place or restaurant and in Newport these are the ones I have been to. I have never had a bad dinner at Bouchards. In restaurants people usually ask how about this place and that place which I cant blame them espically with the prices sometimes asked. In my business I have access to restaurants via our students working in them plus I have all state sanitation reports emailed to me. Other than maybe Asian places there isnt anything I cant make so most time if I go out its with friends and in most cases the places I get to I go back again. I like totally simple foods, A lot of places use so many flavors on the plate its like the hell is this stuff. A problem is if you or anyone go to a place and spend for 2 people about $100 and the product is terrible, there is no such thing as a bad day, go purchase a pair of shoes if there is a problem you take them back and get a refund or another pair. If the food is so so what recource do people have except to say dont go there. We all have different tastes and expectations about places.Its just fun to read things on here and I like to have diolog with people here. I use my name and have nothing to hide and I respect the opinions of others.
          Best :)

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            I agree that you should add Fluke to your list. Skip Red Parrot and Barking crab.
            I think Brick Alley and Black Pearl are must do's.

            Red Parrot
            348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

        2. re: Frank Terranova

          I agree with you about Flo's - we went last Fall and were very disappointed. Also, were disappointed with Brick Alley Pub. The Mooring was excellent. Went to Red Parrot and liked it - the food was good, we especially liked the seafood cocktail (lobster, shrimp, crab), but there are much better restaurants to go to in Newport.

          Red Parrot
          348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

          1. re: Shoreliner

            I've never understood all the Brick Alley love on this board (and out in the world for that matter). I can get a burger or potato skins or nachos or a spinach salad .....anywhere. It's a pub, and nothing special. And you're in Newport in the summer for God's sake....why be stuck indoors? Yes, I know they have that nasty little patio out back but c'mon.

            1. re: JaneRI

              Some people like pubs - and you're only "stuck" if you don't want to be there - and when the humidity is high, I prefer to be inside . Plenty of time to spend outdoors during the day.

              Salad, an app, and a couple Westmall triples (along with the barstaff), always treated me well there.

          2. re: Frank Terranova

            Thanks Frank, the Mooring was as good as ever. We also dined at The Pier. Both places had delicious, well prepared seafood and great service. We'll be visiting both again in the near future.

          3. We were in Newport last week. We were tired and not elegantly attired returning from a hike on the Cliff Walk and stopped in for dinner. We chose the inside section in the back because we wanted to avoid the live music on the upstairs balcony. We asked if we could sit at another table just down from ours and next to the open floor length window looking out and were told no. Later the waitress allowed us to move two tables closer to the window. There was no bread served but the food was generally good. My wife had the Captain’s Plate which was a mistake since she generally does not like batter fried food. I had a encrusted cod and thought it was quite good.

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            1. We were in Newport Saturday. Tried to go to Scales & Shells and were told it was cash and check only, just so you know. The menu looked great, very casual, very busy. We ended up at On The Deck. It was wonderful! Expensive, but great. I had salmon wrapped in potato. We walked by Bouchard, I love it there. They have a very pretty outdoor bar now and outdoor seating. It was very inviting!

              Scales & Shells
              527 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

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              1. re: Alica

                My one experience at Scales and Shells was dissapointing, and it's true you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
                The food was decent, but only decent. Over-priced and not very much food (some of our party were hungry shortly after.) It is a nice space, loud because of the layout. I really wanted to like it after being told by a fellow foodie about it, but just couldn't.
                I think I am in the minority on this board, though.

              2. We just got back from Newport last week.

                -Cafe Zelda's was great-we loved the atmosphere and the food was quite good. My scallops with swiss chard and faro would would have been perfect, had the swiss chard not been gritty. However, my husband's was excellent, and the service was great. Would return, even after the swiss chard problem.
                - Scales and Shells was excellent! We had the best mussls, monkfish and bluefish! As long as you know they only take cash or checks-you'll be prepared! We had no issues with cash only, as a number of the places we go are cash only.

                -Rhode Island Quahog Co-Something about their stuffies keep me coming back. They are probably bad-with too much stuffing, etc-but I love them!!!

                -I'm probably in the minority when I say the Black Pearl is overrated. I actively dislike their chowder....I'd go anywhere else...

                Just a few ideas to get you started. Most everyone on this board will give you beeter, more detailed ideas!!!

                Have fun!

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                1. re: sderouin

                  update: so at this point I have removed the red parrot, the barking crab, and flo's from our list of possible stops (original post above).... still too many places to hit in a weekend :(

                  1. re: yogi70

                    Too few places is reason for a sad face, not too many.

                    1. re: yogi70

                      Do the Mooring you wont be sorry plus the walk around after is better than a parking lot in some goofy area.

                      1. re: yogi70

                        OK, as a 30-something resident of newport, here is my opinion on your list:
                        Barking crab--- never eaten there but strikes me as specifically created as a tourist trap
                        The landing --not bad, good for big groups because you can reserve, good location, but mostly fried seafood
                        The Mooring--one of my faves. I often go for lunch and dinner is great. nice views of the harbor
                        Scales and Shells --haven't been in 5 years, the menu bores me a bit
                        RI Quahog--if you have nowhere else to go. It's ok but nothing special
                        Red Parrot--only with a big group and picky eaters because the menu has everything!
                        Brick alley Pub--it's ok. i prefer it for bar than for eating out
                        Black Pearl--very nice for atmosphere (inside) and food is good, but will be pricey
                        Zelda--always good and great atmosphere. mix of meat and seafood
                        Flo's --it's a beach bar, fun for what it is
                        Beach Club--IMO, more the blue hair crowd, but i have never actually dined here
                        Anthonys --very good if you want a casual shack atmosphere with straightforward seafood. i mostly use it as a fish market but have dined twice and been happy
                        Bouchards--no brainer if you want to be fancy and spend $$. Delicious!
                        Clark Cooke House--great for the atmoshpere, the newportiest restaurant of all, pricy, but food is good
                        Tallulah on Thames--new restaurant in town known for using farm fresh ingredients. did restaurant week lunch here and enjoyed and last week did their tapas upstairs and everything was incredible!!
                        Marina Cafe & Pub--another newbie out on goat island. casual with outdoor seating, and really nice food. mix of meat and seafood
                        ok, so here would be my agenda
                        Fri lunch - Cookehouse
                        Fri dinner - Tallulah tapas if you are full from lunch
                        Sat breakfast - Corner Cafe
                        Sat lunch - Mooring
                        Sat dinner - Zelda's
                        Sun brunch - Rhumbline
                        Sun dinner - Anthony's

                        62 Bridge St, Newport, RI 02840

                        1. re: CheesyWiner

                          Heading to Newport for Thursday night stay over. Want really great food I can't make at home so was trying to decide between Tucker's and Bouchard's. Any opinion?

                          1. re: southofboston

                            In pointing out goot eateries in Newport, one has to understand another's wallet and decision to eat at certain places. Before I had young kids I ate at places like Bouchards and Scales & Shells. Both very very good. Now I am more inclined to go to the Red Parrot and the Brick Alley Pub. Both are solid and better than what I have locally. I also went kicking and screaming to the Barking Crab one afternoon crying that it's a tourist trap and it will not be worth it... it was actually okay. Our appetizer crab & lobster dip was a standout on the trip and we ate at several places. I've had bad meals in Newport (actually few and far between) and I wouldn't cross Red Parrot off my list ever. At the very least it's got awesome drinks and depending on what you order good food.

                            Scales & Shells
                            527 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

                            Red Parrot
                            348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

                            1. re: Nickmerill

                              People dismiss Red Parrot, but it's a fun, lively place with a varied menu and pretty good food. Had a surprisingly good lobster quesadilla last time I was there. The mussels were very good, too. With my mom, who's not very mobile, and two kids in tow last month, it was an ideal spot to grab a bite.

                              Red Parrot
                              348 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840