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Jul 30, 2010 12:53 PM

Looking for the correct name of a Sicilian Cookie

We have been making this Sicilian Cookie forever and have called it Botteze (sp). It is made with flour, crisco, wine, cinnamon, egg yokes. You roll out the dough about 1/4 thick about five to six inch long strips, use the decorative roller to cut out and down the strip and twist or briad, then pictch the end to hold together. We would then fry them in oil. Drian on paper towel and sprinkle with poweder sugar. We would usually make them around Easter time, but have made them for Christmas.

I have not found anything close to this recipe. My grandmother and grandfather were from Sicily. Everyone who have made these are no longer with us and I just want to confirm the name.

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  1. "chiacchiere" I knew them by acording to your receipe. These old foods are hard to pinpoint.

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      Sounds like Guantis (commonly called Wandas) though the ones I've had have icing, usually pink & no cinnamon.

      Maybe botteze IS the correct name if not spelling. Sicilians often pronounce "cc" like "tz" such as "salsiccia" as "zazitza. Maybe the spelling is something like botticci (which is a last name)

      But you know what? This is YOUR family's recipe so its called whatever you want to call it, IMHO. :)

    2. "Chiacchiere" and "guanti"(gloves) are common names for these fried sweets--also called "cenci" (rags) in Tuscany. A guess is that "botteze" might be a dialect and diminuitive version of "buccia" (buccetti?) or skin/rind--the word used for the somewhat similar fried shells for cannoli.
      We had them (called bowties, alas) in our home at Christmas and Easter.

      1. It sounds like it could be what is called gigi on the island of Ustica. I found one English language recipe online (except she uses butter instead of lard in hers):