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Jul 30, 2010 11:08 AM

Rincon Limeno: What a fry job!

OMG, one of the best fried seafood platters EVER! My first time at this CH favorite made possible by workers drilling outside my office all day (hence a 3 hour lunch). I had the Classico Rincon Limeno platter ($20) which combines their mixed seafood ceviche with fried shrimp, fish, and calamari served with three sauces (tartar, hot sauce, and guacamole-crema). It is so rare to have a perfect fry job even from places that are known for this since, the timing, temperature condition of the oil and time of day (how old is the oil) make a huge difference in the product. This one was perfect, seconds on of the fryer and early in the day before the oil gets too wet. There was clearly 2 lbs of fried seafood plus, yucca and a salad of summer tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro on a leaf of boston lettuce. The ceviche was refreshing and another 1/2 of seafood. While I usually only eat half an entree for health reasons, this may be the only time that I could not finish half this delightful meal. It could easily have feed three. I left one happy and full Chowhound.

Rincon Limeno
409 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

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  1. So glad you finally made it there. It's one of my favorites!

    1. Two of us split it a few weeks ago and were stuffed for the rest of the day. I like dipping the fried seafood in the ceviche marinade.

      1. One of our intrepid chow crew's favorite places. Also very kid-friendly.

        1. Agreed: RL's jalea is awesome, a fry job our clam shacks could learn from.

          1. Thanks to this board, I took my son's g/f there about a year ago. She grew up in Peru and hasn't been back in about 5 years.

            She absolutely loved the place and the food. She said it made her feel as if she were back home in Peru, although she does love the US too!