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What Is Missing in Mid Coast Maine

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I'm going to start this thread in the infintesimal hope that somebody out there reading this will say, you know what, he's right...I DO need to open up this food establishment. Don't get me wrong, the MidCoast has some pretty darn good dining options, but there are just some things I miss BADLY.

And for purposes of defining Mid Coast Maine, I'll call the hub Camden/Rockland - but stretching anywhere along the coast from Waldoboro to Belfast.

1. Indian food (the most glaring need of all I think)
2. Roast beef / cheesesteak (or a Deli that has those two options)
3. Real Mexican food. Not Tex-Mex.

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  1. Real Chinese, not China Dinah glop with brown sauce.

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    1. re: Mainegal

      I second Chinese. The kind of place that serves crispy lamb on chili leeks, fresh pork belly on anything, etc. The kind of place that if they even serve duck sauce, they made it themselves. And, oh, that big round table in the back where they're either stringing snow peas or eating something you've never seen before in all your days.

    2. Real Greek would be nice. With an actual rotisserie.

      1. Chinese of course ! A real Deli and Mexican food would cause the food God's to smile.
        Seriously, I am so tired of driving away from home base to find that which appears to be ignored in the Camden/Rockland area. Hope springs eternal. :)

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        1. re: DaBear

          Wait a minute, there can't be edible Chinese in the mid-coast until we get some in Portland!

        2. Definitely Indian and Chinese...and I miss the short-lived, but glorious Midcoast Asian Foods (Thai) that operated out of the house that was the old Oh Bento in Rockland. Toss in Mexican, too, and dare I say decent pizza (not pizza served on someone's fabulous other food menu, like Primo or In Good Company, but just straight, great pizza.

          In Good Company
          415 Main St, Rockland, ME 04841

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          1. re: Shooley

            I too lament the loss of Midcoast Asian Foods (as I'm sure you know). I do think Tamarind is acceptable for Thai food...esp. once you get beyond Pad Thai.

            You guys aren't fans of China Coast huh? I have to give a shout out to them. When you're just looking for fatty, salty goodness, it fits the bill. I think its up to us as the consumer to pick the "non brown sauce" stuff. And they are very accomodating. I always order something off-menu there....singapore style rice sticks with 3 delights (basically mai fun (rice noodles) with curry. Three delights being pork, chicken, shrimp). Always really good. And a "relatively" healthier option.

            China Coast
            Harbor Plaza Mall, Rockland, ME 04841

          2. There is good Indian in Brunswick....

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            1. re: tamerlanenj

              I'd call it "adequate" not good.

              Bombay Mahal
              99 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

              Shere Punjab
              46 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

              1. re: tamerlanenj

                I've been to both places once...I thought Bombay Mahal was "adequate", but I liked Shere Punjab alot. Maybe the owners are looking to expand.....

                Bombay Mahal
                99 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

                Shere Punjab
                46 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

                1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                  Bombay Mahal is quite consistently adequate. Shere Punjab is wildly inconsistent. I do know that building has been for sale for a while.

              2. "What is missing in mid-coast Maine?"


                On a Hinckley Sou'wester 42.

                With a coolerator full of beer and live lobsters that I bought at the dock before slipping the lines.

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                1. re: steve h.

                  Come up and join us! And bring your Indian/Chinese/Mexican/Jewish friends.

                  1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                    And my Italian friends from the Adriatic Coast, too. My Korean buds refuse to take a back seat to my French allies so a little diplomacy may be in order.

                  2. re: steve h.

                    I second that. All of the suggestions are great. But, please no Tex/Mex or bar b que . I live in Ft. Worth Texas ( 106 in the shade as I type this) so tired of it. Look forward to my two weeks next month. Love the farmers markets and whole vibe in Maine.

                  3. Good, plain, NY style pizza.

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                    1. re: sweetums08

                      I second NY style pizza. Bagels, too.

                    2. More place like Marshall's Warf please - maybe in/near boothbay harbor.

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                      1. re: LStaff

                        I agree...a brewpub would be a nice addition to the Camden/Rockland area (i know they've been tried before). Maybe it just needs the right person. Wouldn't Andrew's up in Lincolnville be a good choice to run a brewpub in Cam/Rock?? I have heard that Amalfi has started brewing their own beer (the old Rocky Bay guy running it). That's not really a brewpub though....

                      2. A TJ's :/

                        1. One other thing....the space on Main Street in Rockland that used to house Kelsey's Appliance....that space is SCREAMING for an Irish pub. It already looks the part. A real Irish pub, with Irish breakfasts, bangers and mash, curry fries, etc etc etc.

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                          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                            Excellent idea!
                            Hopefully if we wish really really hard we can make it happen.

                          2. It's MAINE for goodness sake. The stuff that's missing shouldn't be here.

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                            1. re: bobbert

                              Wow...say that 2 years ago and I wouldn't be here! That would be very unfortunate indeed.

                              1. re: bobbert

                                Sooo, the people who live and work in Maine shouldn't dare to want anything other than New England dinners? :)

                                We're talking about going to see the ocean on Sunday. Trying to decide between the NH coast and the Maine coast. Probly will do NH this time, though. I have to see what they have to eat there. There used to be a decent Mexican place near the MA border...

                                1. re: bobbert

                                  Good point. I don't know what's wrong with us for wanting something other than chowder. In the same vein, I think people from Boston should only eat at baked beaneries, inhabitants of Louisiana should eat nothing but jambalaya, and people from Appalachia should be happy with a diet of squirrel.
                                  How will we bring in the tourists if we vary from our stereotypical diet???

                                  1. re: Cassoulet

                                    Oh no! Cassoulet! You don't even SAY it right! It's ChowDAH.

                                    I do love me some good Chowdah... speaking of which... did you see Diners Drive ins and Dives and the feature they did on the Maine Diner?

                                    Made me actually wanna go there for some of the fish chowda!

                                    Maine Diner
                                    2265 Post Rd, Wells, ME 04090

                                  2. re: bobbert

                                    I couldn't agree more!!! Keep it that way. If you want that crap, go back to New Yawk!!