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Jul 30, 2010 09:51 AM

Frenchie Closed for Vacation - Dates?

Hi Fellow Chowhounders,

Looking to visit the beautiful City of Lights. Would anyone know when Frenchie reopens from vacation? Need to make a reservation. Did a search and could not find the info.


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  1. I don't know when their vacation starts but I think it extends to Sept. 7.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      Thank you Nancy. My understanding is they are now closed for vacation.

    2. Had a great lunch there yesterday! They close August 27 - Sept 7

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      1. re: The Paris Kitchen

        Thank you for the info. Seems I got wrong info from my hotel.

        1. re: The Paris Kitchen

          Hope that this means that they're reopened on Sept 7th because I supposedly have reservations that night.

          1. re: The Paris Kitchen

            Had dinner at Frenchie last night, they've decided to close on the 18th... good for them, they so need the break!

          2. I finally got through on the phone to make a reservation, but to my disappointment, they would not take a reservation for early November (Saturday night). Was asked to call back in September.

            With my luck, the next time I call after they return from vacation it will be full. Struck out last year, so planning ahead this year. Anyone have suggestions? Would anyone have an email for them? Thanks.

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            1. re: sf_duke

              i just got a call from a friend who got a reservation for tonight (by stopping in tonight) So they definitely aren't on holiday yet & if you really want to go soon, perhaps stopping in and taking a late ressie is an option.

              1. re: forestcollins

                I posted this earlier in the Les Papilles/Frenchie thread

                Frenchie will be closed from August 18 thru Sepetember 7, unfortunately during the time I will be there....anyone have a good alternative for Frenchie? (I am waiting for Les Papilles to get back to my e-mail)

              2. re: sf_duke

                Me too. Speed-dialed about 20 times one day, finally got through at 9pm only to be told to call back in Sept. for an Oct. reservation. The answering machine, which I had ample occasion to listen to, says they don't serve lunch in August, while dinner will be served up to and including the 18th. Then they're closed, reopening with regular schedule starting Sept. 7. Regular schedule means reverting to dinner Monday-Friday and lunch Wednesday-Friday.

                Email for Frenchie? Is there a Santa Claus?

                1. re: fanoffrance

                  I was finally able to secure a reservation for Nov through my hotel. The hotmail email listed on the internet does not work. I think calling is your only option either right when they open or towards the end of service. This is how I finally got through the first time before they asked me to call back in Sept.