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Jul 30, 2010 09:27 AM

Longman and Eagle

Coming in to town for a few nights. I have read a lot of good things about Longman and Eagle (L & E).

I enjoy dining in bars, pubs, taverns,

and restaraunts. Not sure what category L & E would fall into.

Is it a must visit considering my preferences? Have been to Hop Leaf before and will definitely stop in this trip also. Hoping to go to L20 also. Staying in Lincoln Park.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    1. If you enjoyed Hopleaf, you may very well find L & E to your liking. It, too, serves good food in a gastropub style, though there's less emphasis on the "-pub" than at Hopleaf. Which is to say that there's smaller selection of beers and the overall ambiance is somewhat more that of a restaurant than a bar or tavern.

      Definitely worth a visit if you're interested in branching out to a new gastropub. As at Hopleaf, be prepared for crowds!

      Hopleaf Bar
      5148 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640

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        The focus is less on beer (although they have a very good beer list) because L&E focuses more on whiskey.

        If I were the OP, I'd hit L&E, then the Rocking Horse, then Revolution Brewery. They're all within walking distance of each other.

        1. re: rubinow

          Re: Longman & Eagle's whiskey emphasis. They also offer a strong and original -- if somewhat small -- rotating cocktail menu.

          Though if cocktails are what one is after, The Whistler and its amazing drinks menu are also right down the street.

      2. Just came back from visiting my daughter and we had the best meal of the visit at Longman & Eagle. We started off with the roasted bone marrow with red onion jam and the foie gras with figs. The bones were served a bit too hot which resulted in the marrow being mostly liquified, we still sopped it up with the sourdough crostini. Very rich. The foie gras was the best I've ever had. Smooth & silky and perfectly complimented with the fig preserves.
        For entrees, my daughter ordered the beef with gnocchi and black olive caramel
        while I went with the pork belly porchetta with risotto and black garlic puree. I had a bite of my daughter's and it was very, very good. But my porchetta, OMG, it was sublime. Crusty on the outside and tender on the inside. It melted in my mouth! I practically licked the plate clean. For dessert, I had the creme brulee which was good, but certainly not the best I've ever had. My daughter ordered a dense, flourless chocolate cake with bacon ice cream. The cake was almost molten in the center (gooey goodness). The ice cream was subtle and I could distinguish the smokey bacon flavor without it overwhelming me. Outstanding. I'd definitely recommend L&E. It was a highlight.

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          Sheila...that sounds great..can't wait!