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Jul 30, 2010 06:40 AM

Best Place to Buy Fresh Lobster in the District

I'm talking retail sale (Giant, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Maine Ave., etc.). Every grocery store seems to have the same high prices, and while I realize that this is generally the most expensive shellfish, the lobster industry has been in a downward spiral, and at one point in New England last summer, lobster was selling for less per pound than bologna because no one was buying it.

Is there anywhere in DC that one can find a (relatively) reasonably priced live lobster, or failing that, lobster meat?

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  1. If you can make it out to the 'burbs, H Mart locations are great. If you need to stay in the District, I'd go with Cannon's Fish Market in Georgetown or Wholefoods. The lobsters at Safeway/Giant are rather poor.

    1. In the past I ordered lobster's from Dean and Deluca. I know everyone assumes that they are priced high, but I would say it is comparable to the others and you absolutely know it is fresh. Otherwise, Wegman's usually carries some great lobsters with prices about $8-9/lb , albeit not in DC proper.

      1. The asian markets (H Mart, Lotte, Great Wall, etc.) all have live lobsters (and fish). I don't know what the prices are currently but they've had them on sale sometimes for something like $4 or $5 a pound. I'm allergic to them, but my wife and son have pigged out on them occasionally.

        1. BlackSalt on Reservoir is a very good market.

          4883 MacArthur Blvd., Washington, DC 20007

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              Salt River Lobster has great, fresh lobsters (I buy them from them in Baltimore on Sundays), but they don't have a site in the District. Kensington on Saturdays is the closest. They're also in Bethesda on Fridays.