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Jul 29, 2010 10:29 PM

Goodbye Del Taco at Santa Monica and Highland.

The Del Taco at Santa Monica and Highland closed for good today. I heard the building is being torn down and a something built in it's place. I've had many a late late night/early early morning snack from there. My wife and I dropped by and had one last order. A Big Fat Steak Taco and a couple Chicken Soft Tacos. It will be missed.

Big Fat
17729 Saticoy St, Reseda, CA 91335

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  1. I can help you out here. Del Taco is actually a chain. If you miss those items, you can get them all over Southern California. There is another West Hollywood location, I think on Robertson.

    Del Taco
    370 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048

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    1. re: apple7blue

      I think the one you mention is on Venice Blvd. near Robertson - there is yet another on La Cienega close to the 10 freeway......

      1. re: shebop

        Those are two different locations from the one I mentioned.

        Del Taco 3705 Robertson Blvd. Culver City, CA, 90232 on the corner of Venice. Del Taco 2060 South La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90034-1608

        Del Taco
        Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

      2. re: apple7blue

        That's a long way from Santa Monica and Highland -- 'cept by Chowhound standards, where someone can ask for a recommendation in Glendale and get suggestions for Long Beach!

      3. Although I've been fond of a Del Taco or two over the years, I still miss the Naugle's that was there before DT moved in. Not a *great* burger, but still better than most one can find these days (oh, Jay's Jayburger, why did you ever close...!), and my neighborhood burger joint in the 80s.

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        1. re: annagranfors

          It's funny you mentioned Naugles, because the Del Taco shebop described on the corner of Venice and Robertson used to be a Naugles also. And in another thread about the Mexican Pizza, I mentioned in a recent post how Naugles used to carry an excellent Mexican Pizza--way better than in Taco Bell today. Although without competition, the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza probably also suffered.

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            Naugles' macho nachos, the stuff wistfully nostalgic dreams of late-night post-club feasts are made of ... *sigh*

            1. I have an unholy fondness for Del Taco, and this one was my local. I'm devastated. Sure, I can go to a dozen other fast food or taco places, or to other Del Tacos halfway across town, but are they two right turns and 90 seconds away from Anawalt Lumber and Hardware? Do they have 24 hour late night tranny infested drive-thru action? I think not. I gave their corporate hq a call, and they plan to open a new location in WeHo, but the site is not finalized yet.

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                I'm with you jesstifer - this Del Taco was my go to late night fast food joint as well. I'm going to miss it!!! I think they're building a drug store in its place - like we really need another one of those in our area!

              2. I also used to go to this Del Taco often when I worked in Hollywood. And I miss Naugles too. I used to work an overnight shift and get off at 5 am. I would often stop and get a Naugles beef burrito on the way home before going to bed.I still think that Del Taco beef burritos are pretty good for what they are and you ant some fast food.

                1. I used to go to this location all the time when I was on that side of the hill. It's a really convenient location and I love the bean and cheese burritos with green sauce. It's great! You're full for a buck!

                  Couldn't they have closed one of the numerous Starbucks locations that is everywhere?