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Jul 29, 2010 09:50 PM


Thank u everybody!

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  1. Huacatay is also called Mexican Marigold or Tagetes Minuta. I bought 2 plants last year, they bloomed, flowered and died!. Apparently it went to seed because I have now about hundred more plants. It seems to be very invasive. Look in the internet for anyone selling Mexican Marigold plants and buy only one. It is very cheap. I would give them to you free but I live in Los Angeles, CA. and it is definitely not worth the trip. Good luck.

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      Do you still happen to be growing this herb? I'm going batty trying to find an alternative to the jar. I'm also in LA...

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        In reply to your query, the plant is unkillable. Every year it comes back. if you want some seeds, I can mail them to you.
        If you want the plant, I could also mail it to you, but in order to put it in a box from the Post Office it would cost for the smallest box about $5.00. Let me know.

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          That would be amazing! I'm doing a special (and rather large) dinner featuring huacatay and would love to get my hands on some fresh leaves. The paste version just doesn't cut it for me. Do you have quite a bit to spare? I'm happy to just buy it from you & pick up as well. I'm in Koreatown.

    2. Hi:

      Because the plant is so invasive, I have been quite efficient in getting rid of it. It can take over your yard very easily. I have at the moment 3 plants. One is 3 feet tall, the other about 1 foot, and the other is going to seed and is about 3 feet tall. I do not know how many leaves you need, but I think one plant would be enough as there are many leaves on each plant. I live in Glendora which is about 30 miles east from Koreatown. Your best bet is for me to mail you either the seeds or the smaller plant. You still will have many leaves on it. If you put on your browser "tagetes minuta picture" you will see what the plant looks like and how many leaves it has.

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        I'm doing a dinner for 30, and need to make an oil/sauce (maybe a tablespoon per plate). I'll probably need several bunches/stems. How can I pay you? I can send you money via paypal. And would it be possible to have these mailed to arrive a few days before April 27th? If you can't, I still appreciate the offer and your time!

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          Hello again, I can send you the my large plant chopped and the small one ready to plant. The reacipe that I have needs half a cup of leaves for 6 servings. I think you can get more than that from the large plant and some for the little plant, which eventually will go to seed. I could mail it to you on Saturday when I get youir address. I will have to mail it in a larger box since the large plant would not fit in the smaller box. There are two boxes in the Post office. One for 12.35 and the other for $16.85. I am not sure which one I will need since I have not cut the plants. Probably the larger one ( this is the click and ship way). I do not need any money for the plants. If you still want them, let me know your address and I will ship them to you. You can pay that postage via paypal to my email ""

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            Sent! You are definitely making this dinner something special!