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Jul 29, 2010 09:01 PM

Heirloom Tomatoes

I had my first heirloom tomato today served au naturale with sea salt and Spanish olive oil (piqual). AMAZING! I thought the heirloom was a marketing gimmick, but the difference in brevity, texture (reminded me of sashimi) along with the delicate skin was clearly appreciated. Probably the best thing that I have ever purchased from ACME! Any tips on heirloom tomato sources? I have driven by a number of tomato stands in the Mount Laurel, NJ area that piqued my interest. Price and quality are both considerations.

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  1. Whole Foods in North Wales had them when I was there on sunday. The Doylestown Farmer's Market used to have lots of heirloom veggies, haven't been in awhile. The tomatoes in my garden are big and green. I was trying to hold out but I stopped for corn in Souderton at a private home that puts out lots of goodies and I couldn't resist buying a dead ripe little beauty for fifty cents. I don't think it was even heirloom but I had it in an avocado and tomato sandwich and oh my goodness! Fresh, locally grown ripe tomatoes make the stuff we eat the rest of the year seem utterly tasteless. /swoon. My friend's father would only eat tomatoes in season, cut in wedges with olive oil. Smart man.

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      Lots of good info here and I can almost taste the sandwich the way you describe it. I live in Harleysville - where is the house in Souderton? If you have the address, I would really appreciate it.

    2. I grow my own heirloom tomatoes. They are not quite as pretty as the tomatoes(?) that are in the supermarkets which are grown strickly for ease of harvest. ie; perfectly round, all same size etc. Seeds are easily available from a saurce in Florida and easily grown.. Tuck a couple of plants in with the flowers. No ground at all? Have an apartment with a balcony? They'll grow in pots on the balcony.

      1. Most of the farmer's market's around the city have some heirlooms - definitely Livingoods and several of the headhouse sunday market farmers.

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          We are going to be in the city on Sunday. Which farmers market should I go to? Where is Livingoods? (not from the city)

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            Headhouse Square, 2nd St between Lombard and South. Enjoy.

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                FYI, the market is open from 10AM to 2PM and the best stuff goes fast, so the earlier you get there, the better.

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              Sorry - just saw this. Glad you got the Sunday Market info from Barryg. Livingood's goes to various farmers markets - I see them Tuesdays at Passyunk and South and they are in Bryn Mawr for the Saturday market. They are no longer in the RTM.

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                Saw Livingood's today at the new market at Broad & Ritner. Good stuff and good variety, but a bit pricey for this side of Washington Ave, not to mention Snyder. Think I'll stick with the Amish kid on Passyunk Ave on Wednesdays.

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                  Growing straight varieties, (non-hybrids), will give you some great tasting tomatoes. There are now several good sources for heirloom seeds available online. In Florida summer is not the time to grow these beauties but we will plant the seedlings starting the first week of October and replant again in January. Crops produce until about mid-June.

          2. I don't know if you just happened to be going through Mount Laurel, or if you live or work in NJ as well.

            I haven't been recently. But last year I was able to get heirloom tomatoes at the Burlington County Farmer's market and at the Collingswood market.

            1. wegmans has pints and quarts of mixed heirloom tomatoes this week in their you a chance to try diffenent varieties...and teh price was reasonable!