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Jul 29, 2010 08:10 PM

Need an engagement cake for a small dinner party Saturday!

Any recommendations for the Laval area or the North shore? We'll be 6.....
If necessary, I'll head to Montreal....

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  1. I strongly suggest les delices lafrenaie. They have excellent cakes and were happy to take a request to add an edible cake image that I brought over for a child's birthday. Depending how many people you are, you might want to get a few smaller cakes (in the 35$ range). If you go to chenoys on cure labelle in chomedey you can order these cakes instead of going to St Leonard. They have out of this world oreo, skor, and Ferrero rocher cakes, as well as classic apple pies and cheese cakes.

    You can also try and order directly from the bakery and ask them to deliver to Chenoys in Laval, which I have done for the cakes already in stock, but I have not yet tried for the ones available only there.

    On my daughters first birthday I ordered a dealth by chocolate and a strawberry short cake...the contrast in flavours was appreciated by all the guests!

    P.s For the smaller cakes in the 35$ range you only need to order them a day or so in advance :o)

    1. 100% certainty : Marius & Fanny on Samson. A bit expensive but good cakes are unless you have crisco for the butter cream.

      Other good choices:
      -Ambrosia Bakery on Samson
      -Pagel in Marche 440 (but i heard they were bought by Gascogne? which is also good)
      -Adonis for a pickup cake. On cure Labelle or try the bigger one on Thimens in VSL.

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        Yes ambrosia might be better now that I see that you are only 6, I didn't read that before. Good luck!

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          I've had several cheesecakes from Ambrosia. They've all been nothing short of delicious

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              humbert is dead on right...delices lafrenaie without any doubt

        2. Thanks to all...I picked up a wonderful cake Lafrenaie in Rosemere since I live in Blainville. It was not only a hit but it was delish and....I have leftovers :-)
          Thanks again for your help!!!

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            Cool! What kind did you end up getting? I hope the quality is as good as the st leonard one. We are getting some for my daughters birthday in a few weeks...