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Baltimore Food Trucks?

Are there any noteworthy food trucks in Baltimore? I've seen the one for Kooper's burgers, but are there others I'm missing out on?

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  1. There was a decent pit beef cart downtown nearish the inner harbor in April. Two guys. For pure taste I'd drive to Pioneer, but if you're downtown during the week it was good to go.

    1. There's one on Light street a couple blocks north of the Inner Harbor selling Pit Beef and similar sandwiches, run by Cyprianna Cafe. Pretty decent. And then there's the Halal carts selling lamb (gyro) and chicken over rice and lettuce. A favorite because it's fast and cheap and the guys who run it are very nice.

      1. The Pit Beef truck also sells pit lamb. It has been on the east side of Light Street lately, (or was it Calvert?) near Water St. And the Kooper's Tavern Chowhound truck is now coming on Tuesdays to the NW corner of Commerce and Pratt. IIRC $8 for a build-your-own cheeseburger with three toppings.

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          I had the pit lamb when I ended up on jury duty. I wish it was open on weekends. It was pretty darned good, but sadly I don't work downtown.

        2. Curbside cafe- they post locations on twitter and facebook. they largely specilize in big good burritos

          1. There's a darn fine taco truck on Broadway between Pratt and Gough. Very good tacos (tongue!) and tamales.

            1. I was pleasantly surprised by the souper freak soup truck today at hopkins hospital. Never saw it before but its BRIGHT orange and the owner is very enthusiastic. I got a killer shrimp bisque and truly grilled pasta salad. Both were really superb. I don't know where they go but the card she gave me said souperfreaks.com.

              1. Thanks everyone. I have jury duty later this month so will have to try the pit beef.

                There's recently been a crepe truck that parks on the corner of Mt. Royal and Lafayette every Thursday. They have sweet and savory crepes, and nice owners. The ham and gruyere was really tasty. They're marketed as "an authentic french creperie on wheels." you can follow them on twitter @CreperieBreizh

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                  There's no sign of the pit beef, chicken, and lumb truck just yet.

                  Has anyone tried the Gypsy food truck?

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                    I've eaten off:

                    Curbside Cafe: Excellent burritos
                    Gypsy Queen: Truffle sliders were more like sliders with fried mushrooms on top. A bit greasy but good
                    Koopers: I'm not really that impressed with their burgers. Both the bison and the beef were very dry the 4 times I've eaten off it, and my order is ALWAYS missing at least one thing that I ordered on it. Their 50/50 fries are great though. Not to mention the owner of the restaurant in Fells Point is a tool.
                    Iced Gems Cupcakes: Fantastic

                    I'm trying like crazy to get the Crepe truck downtown near UMMC, but no luck thus far.

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                      I think the Koopers truck stinks...if you like overcooked, dry burgers on a stale bun, that's your truck!

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                        Just curious....is Kooper's truck endorsed by Chowhound? Do they have the right to use that name?

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                          I'm pretty sure they're not endorsed by Chowhound the message board. I have no idea of the legality of using the name.

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                          Maybe it's variable . . . but the 2-3 times I've had them, the burgers were juicy and the buns were fine. Great fries, too.

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                          I must be in the minority because I found Curbside Cafe to be completely, utterly unexceptional. I would be thrilled for a good taco or burrito truck, but this is not it.

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                            So excited to see food trucks appearing around the Bolton Hill area! I've only had food from the Curbside Cafe- didn't have a burrito but was excited that they even offered a chickpea variety. The rice and beans were really average, but the fried plantains were absolutely great. Very crispy and smashed flat! I could have eaten a million. I was full off of three dollars, which was also nice.

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                              Upper Fells Point has authentic taco trucks!

                      2. New foodtruck has hit the streets. SouperFreaks soup truck. I haven't had it yet, but will as soon as I see it.

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                          Had some of the SouperFreaks crab bisque at the Urban Food Fair market at Real Food Farm last Saturday... oh my GOD. So creamy and satisfying.

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                            Souper Freaks is my favorite truck so far because it offers so many non-fried, fruit-and-vegetable-filled options. I actually feel healthy after a cup of soup and a salad or sandwich. Their grilled asparagus and goat cheese wrap is heavenly!

                          2. Has anyone tried the lobster rolls truck? I glimpsed it near the old Lemongrass/Mustang Alley's building last Friday afternoon but didn't have time to stop. Wondering what the prices are like, and the quality.

                            Also, thought you might be interested in this food truck feature on Midday with Dan Rodericks from April:


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                                We finally walked over on Friday. It's called Silver Platter, in parking lot on the east side of Central just south of Bank.

                                Lobster roll was okay. Surprising amount of food for $14, big chunks, celery, rosemary and mayo with a slice of lemon on the side. Lobster meat was a little tough, but willing to guess it was a bad day as you'd think they'd chop it finer to hide the textural problems if it were a consistent issue. I'll probably end up getting something else if/when we go back (am not a huge huge fan of lobster roll in the first place and am probably good for the summer now).

                                Man said that "all" of the food trucks are getting together in the lot on Friday 7/8 from 5:30-9:30 and that it may become a monthly thing.

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                                  Here's more on the food truck gathering tonight (perhaps I'll see some of you there):

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                                    Next food truck gathering on August 5th, according to the Sun.