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Jul 29, 2010 07:48 PM

Baltimore Food Trucks?

Are there any noteworthy food trucks in Baltimore? I've seen the one for Kooper's burgers, but are there others I'm missing out on?

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  1. There was a decent pit beef cart downtown nearish the inner harbor in April. Two guys. For pure taste I'd drive to Pioneer, but if you're downtown during the week it was good to go.

    1. There's one on Light street a couple blocks north of the Inner Harbor selling Pit Beef and similar sandwiches, run by Cyprianna Cafe. Pretty decent. And then there's the Halal carts selling lamb (gyro) and chicken over rice and lettuce. A favorite because it's fast and cheap and the guys who run it are very nice.

      1. The Pit Beef truck also sells pit lamb. It has been on the east side of Light Street lately, (or was it Calvert?) near Water St. And the Kooper's Tavern Chowhound truck is now coming on Tuesdays to the NW corner of Commerce and Pratt. IIRC $8 for a build-your-own cheeseburger with three toppings.

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          I had the pit lamb when I ended up on jury duty. I wish it was open on weekends. It was pretty darned good, but sadly I don't work downtown.

        2. Curbside cafe- they post locations on twitter and facebook. they largely specilize in big good burritos

          1. There's a darn fine taco truck on Broadway between Pratt and Gough. Very good tacos (tongue!) and tamales.