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Jul 29, 2010 06:30 PM

Visiting London and looking for restaurants...

Hello all,

I live in Boston, Mass., and am visiting London in early September. I am looking for recommendations for dinning options that are not in my guidebook. I am staying near Oxford Street, but am very willing to take the tube. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Suggest you trawl through recent posts cross-referencing them against your guidebook to see which aren't in.

    1. Besides going through the threads here, maybe you could tell us a bit more about what you enjoy eating, what price range etc. As you know, London has thousands of choices.

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        I am a about one month out and have spend more time researching pubs and restaurants than attractions. Thank you zuriga for such an extensive review. I really appreciate it. Are any of the Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants worth going to?

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          I've usually enjoyed Maze. The original chef, Jason Atherton, has left now (not sure of the timing), but hopefully things will continue as they were. You can check the menu (tapas style Continental?) and see if it appeals. It's a fun meal.

          You could list some of your winners so far and we could comment on their worth. I'm not too much of an expert being a Yank and only here 6 years, plus I live south of London in the woods. :-)

      2. After two weeks in the U.K. after not being there for 25 years, We were amazed and delighted to find the depth and quality of food available. Thanks to the posts here we ate very well.
        Our favorite was Harwood Arms and waiter Benedict. It was a gastronomical experience. Much more pleasant enviroment than Chelsea Brasserie which was very "stuffy." Our first day was lunch at the Pig's Ear. Both of us exhausted but I had to try the veal marrow and it was truly Heaven on my palate.
        J. Sheekey's for Sat. noon was white tablecloth and attentive service. We did not know that we should have walked on another 20 feet and gone in the door to the more casual side. Pea and lovage soup was 50 P less in there but I had never tasted lovage and it was worth it.
        Sun. night supper seemed like a Welsh rarebit kind of night but did not know where to find it. Went to the Cross Keys Pub in our neighborhood of Chelsea and Neil, the chef, created a version he had learned at some fancy London restaurant where he had worked.
        It was delicious!
        We went to Borough Market by 10 AM on a Fri. and I was delighted to find a fellow selling raclette cheese that tasted like Real Swiss raclette. Would have loved to bring some home. Found the cassoulet fellow, told him about his popularity on Chowhound, and he profusely appologized for not making it that day. Too warm in the summer for cassoulet.Went across the road to Wright's for scallops as suggested on this site.
        All in all, Chowhounders come through and yes, I did not need a concierge. Thanks all!

        1. We just returned from a trip. I would recommend Modern Pantry--it was different and interesting. It's on St. Johns Square. We also liked Anchor and Hope on the South Bank. The martinis (gin) at Dukes hotel were well worth the cost. Wild Honey was a good dinner--but not worth the price--the same for Semplice (concierge recommended). The restaurant (upstairs) at the Globe did a nice lunch with a worthwhile prix fixe. We walked everywhere--staying off St. James St.. Baltic was also over-rated--pretty good Eastern European food--but not worth a trip.

          1. Try Sedap near Old Street for outstanding Penang style Nyona. If you're willing to brave a slightly dicey neighbourhood or go during lunch, the Chung Viet and Quan Viet on Deptford High Street (easy train ride from Charing Cross) are excellent. Another place that won't be in your guidebook is Koffman's at The Berkeley for very rarefied bistrot cooking. Also try Cocomaya, a fantastic bakery near Marble Arch.

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              P.S. you might want to look out for grouse - season started - had a great grouse pie last year at Trinity. Suspect that Hereford Road would do a good version too.