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Jul 29, 2010 04:14 PM

Trader Joe's: Terrenal (Four Buck Feivel) Wine is back!!

Just came from Trader Joe's and bought 2 bottles of the new Terrenal wine, called Tempranillo from Spain. The only description on the bottle is that the grape come from Yecla. The wine guy said that if I liked Malbec I will like this.

Malbec is gone but they now have the Cabernet Sauvignon again.

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    1. re: rockycat

      Only some stores in some states. I once heard there's a limit to one per city. That limit may or may not be true, but there is only one in NYC; it's next store to the TJ's in the Union Square vicinity. I think they may carry some kosher wine, but I don't know if they have this one. (Of course, Rockycat, I have no idea where you are.)

      1. re: queenscook

        I'm in NC and finding anything kosher here is a challenge. Our TJ's has a little kosher meat sometimes only so their having kosher wine would be a surprise.

        1. re: rockycat

          Ask if they can get it. I was told (admittedly by someone trying to sell me some) that it was not necessarily being marketed as a "kosher" wine because it was so good for the price.

          1. re: SoCal Mother

            In general, once a product is in the corporate system, any branch can get it assuming there is enough local demand to justify the shelf space.

            1. re: avitrek

              Wine has more restrictions than other items. In NYC, it is not legal to sell wine at regular grocery stores, so no TJ's other than their actual wine store will be able to carry it. That is obviously not the case in some states; I imagine Rockycat knows if grocery stores in NC are allowed to sell wine.

              1. re: queenscook

                Yes, our groceries can sell wine and beer - just not before noon on Sundays. :-)

      1. re: elmoz

        Elmoz, I'd rather not be too specific about where I live but it's not LA.

      2. I just noticed that the Tempranillo is not mevushal.

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        1. re: SoCal Mother

          Does anyone know if the TJ's in Queens (on Metropolitan Ave) has it?

          1. re: shmulibaby

            As I mentioned above, the Union Square store is the only NYC TJ's to have wine.

          1. re: SimonF

            Simon, you inspired me to open it just now. I wasn't sure if my Shabbat guests were all shomer Shabbat so I served something else. (Not mevushal!)

            Bias alert: I am not a red wine drinker and know nothing about wine. I usually prefer the "Blue Wine" (Moscato) and Joyvin, or white. I buy wine to serve it to my husband and my guests.

            It's lighter in taste than the usual red wines that I dislike like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It sort of reminds me of the Malbec but lighter. It would have been nice with the corned beef I made for Shabbat lunch. I hope that it's not too delicate to last (open) until Shabbat. Still, it costs the same as the cappuccino I bought this morning, so if the one glass is all I got out of it I'm ok with that!

            Sorry that's the best review I can give.

            1. re: SoCal Mother

              SoCal Mother - If you like the Bartenura Moscato you'll love the Sara Bee moscato from Trader Joe's. It is slightly drier than the Bartenura. At $5.99 a bottle it is a great deal. I found it in several Southern California TJs.

              1. re: mamaleh

                Oh Mamaleh! I was just in TJ's this morning!!! I've never heard of Sara Bee. Drier than Bartenura is probably easy to do - it's as sweet as soda. I will check on Thursday when I go for my chicken. Thanks!!!

                1. re: mamaleh

                  Thanks Mamaleh! I bought 2 bottles along with a bottle of Jeunesse which was also well priced. Unfortunately the Four Buck Feivel was gone.

                  1. re: mamaleh

                    The Sara Bee was a big hit and best of all, most of the assembled kids disliked it. Not as soda pop tasting as the Bartenura but not nasty dry.


              2. Just came back from TJs. Now they have a Terrenal Chardonnay, $5/bottle. It's KLP and mevushal. TJs also carries Jeunesse which is a little more expensive. The red Terrenals seems to be gone, but you never know with TJs.

                Makes the name "Five-buck Feivel" sound even funnier. Almost worth the extra dollar...